WWW First Timer Tips

Updated - 3/9/18
WWW Hints for first timers (as compiled by some funny, strange, and unusual prior WWW and Hedo attendees). Feel free to send your tips to DennyP.


  • Bring lip balm with minimum SPF 15.
  • Sun Screen: no matter how well you tan, use at least SPF 25 every day and don't miss a crack!!! You're better off going home a little lighter than being burnt and unable to be outside.
  • Don't miss any spots with the tanning lotion.
  • Fake and bake before you arrive to get a decent base tan. The last thing you want to do is fry your first day on the beach. Not only will you have a head start on that fabulous tan, your private parts will thank you as well.
  • Liberally apply no less than SPF 15 each morning, and reapply throughout the day.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, what more can I say, take at least SPF 30.
  • Wear sunscreen of at least SPF 8 at least your first couple of days.
  • Bring plastic Ziplock bags for the smokers, keeps 'em dry.
  • Get 32 oz mugs and trade off...1 bar drink, then 1 water. That way you will have a constant buzz, but not to the point of totally trashed.
  • Stay away from rum punch, especially on your first day!!  (It is the nastiest stuff to be sick on!)
  • My one hint ..... bring water float
  • You needn't think you must drink your share the first day.


  • Pack light, for example you do NOT need one pair of underwear and socks for each day.
  • Bring only 2 pairs of undies (one for the trip down and one for the trip back). Rememberer on vacation and a wild one at that!
  • Pack light: Keep your essentials in a carry on bag in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Do not bring a lot of cloths. Bring toys, lots of toys!
  • Women, bring the sexiest dresses you can find (you know, stuff you'd never dare wear out on the town back home).And don't forget the body glitter!
  • Its hot and humid, Jeans are a no no, and long pants are just too hot. Even At night. Bring sexy cloths and light material at any time of the year. Bring a couple of bathing suits for here and there, 5 or 6 pair of shorts and 7 or 8 shirts. Two pair of shoes, sox and some underwear (if you wear them)
  • Bring an extra set of clothes in a carry-on bag in case the airline loses your luggage so you won't look like a geek.
  • Do bring a large insulated drinking mug -- you'll be very glad you did.
  • Bring a large drink container with straw ... it will save many trips back and forth to the bar.
  • My suggestion is to write your name/nickname on your large insulated mug.("Big" letters please for the alcohol induced visual impairment). This way it's a little easier to keep the names straight without expending too many brain cells to do it!
  • Don't go up to the Main Dining Room without putting on clothes first! You may laugh at this, but it happened back in July of 1998. A couple actually attempted to eat breakfast in the dining room without wearing clothes!
  • From past experiences, packing 1/2 of the clothes that we planned on taking is a very smart move.
  • Don't listen to anyone who says pack light.  Don't listen to anyone who says bring everything.  Whether you bring a lot or a little, it has to be what YOU are comfortable with.
  • The first thing I put on our "to bring" list this year was PENS!  Don't know if we just had a weird experience last year, but there was a very noticeable ink pen shortage everywhere we went from the time we got on the plane until we got back home!
  • Order a WWW necklace from DennyP. It will help people learn your name and helps support a wonderful animal rescue with the sales.


  • First timers should relax and enjoy being on the Nude Side of the resort.
  • Even if you start on the prude beach, you will end up naked on the nude beach. It’s just too much fun.
  • Don't worry about what you look like. No one cares ... really!
  • Of course I always tell everyone this, it was a sex saver:Bring KY Jelly or other lube just for comfort of walking around (oh yes and playtime too) ocean dries out nether regions.
  • Bring Monistat and Kaopectate (they can be extremely expensive in the gift shop).
  • Bring your prescription and over-the-counter drugs (very expensive there), batteries for your camera(s), film, etc.
  • A hat is always good, but you will end up buying one there. Bring your Toga or material to make a toga. Other than that, get your butt on the plane, and forget everything else.
  • Bring sunglasses, and an extra pair or two.
  • Be sure to be as naughty as you dare for the PJ parties ... Hehe.
  • Don't worry about your tan, weight or looks, they aren't what makes you. Your attitude and openness is what will make your trip.
  • Don't worry about your body shape no matter what it is. Hedo people don't care.
  • Just don't get nervous about getting naked with us on the nude (not the prude side).
  • Bring a small backpack or beach bag.  You are away from your beach or pool chair for long periods of time taking part in activities and it’s useful for keeping your stuff together. Also good for bringing things on the nude cruise. It’s a VERY safe resort, so don't worry about leaving your stuff unattended.
  • Beer and dirty bananas don't mix too well.
  • Do as much research as you feel you need to do in order to be comfortable with the feel of the resort. 
  • DON'T take your parents with you! No matter how cool they are!!


  • Couples should set ground rules, write them down and sign it. For adventurous first timers, the rule of "never go off alone" or "as long as we are together" is a good one, take it from there.
  • Never ignore vendors, always give them a definite clear "No thank you" or "I'll soon come back".
  • Drink water between cocktails.  Nothing worse than getting dehydrated (main cause of hangovers too). 
  • Don't deposit anything (i.e. bodily fluids or ABC food) in the pool that you would not want in your glass!
  • Sleep in and eat breakfast! (served until 10:30am)  We've found it to be our favorite meal of the day.
  • The secrets to staying up late (i.e. 2am - 5am...yeah, that’s what we call late!) eat the midnight buffet combined with 3 cups of our friend Skip's Special Coffee (1/2 cup of coffee, shot of Vodka, and a shot of Rum Cream). You'll be wired all night and possibly into the next night.
  • Bring little cards with your name, address, phone & email address to hand out to new friends before departing.  It works much better than soggy little pieces of paper and finding a pen.
  • I think the most important hint is for couples to discuss ahead of time what will be okay as far as sexual adventures.  And they must realize that what might have seemed out of bounds in their overly-protected pre-Hedo life may not seem so bad once they are in the rarefied air of Hedo Magic.  Therefore, they also need a way to communicate that one of them is uncomfortable with things and it is time to chill and discuss it.  It might also be good to have a way to say, we said that was off limits, but in this situation, what the hell, honey - go for it. 
  • My suggestion is to be naked and be uptight (if you must) but don't be clothed (on the nude side), uptight and expect the rest of us to welcome you into the group. 
  • I thought that I would be looked at as an outsider.  I was no more an outsider than the last newcomer to the crowd.  So, my advice for the first timer is ... If there is something going on around you and it catches your interest don't be afraid to step forward and move into the crowd.  More than likely the crowd was a bunch of outsiders who just got over their shyness quicker.
  • When you return home, book your trip for next year immediately.