Wet, Wild & Wicked: Mike & Ann, June 2021

First timers here.  These are random memories of our week from 6/6 through 6/12 and not a daily chronological trip report.

Only took 70 minutes to get from Sangster to Hedo because our driver was a damn maniac.  I looked over his shoulder to see the needle at 110kmh on long straightaways and I had to tell him we weren’t in a hurry.  Ann wasn’t too excited about how the vacation was starting off but I assured her it would improve.  The arrival lobby staff was great and the luggage assistant was hilarious but I forgot his name.  Our anxiety was a little elevated due to never experiencing a resort like Hedo but he made us feel comfortable as he walked us to our room (nude side/beach balcony view).  Room was very clean and comfortable.  Our balcony view was arguably the best at Hedo, in my opinion.  All the 2270’s have a clear view of the beach and ocean with no sea grapes blocking the line of sight so we couldn’t have been happier with the room.  It was a nice icebreaker to walk out on the balcony first thing to see nude sun bathers engaging in some serious PDA’s before we went to the piano bar for a quick meet and greet with others in the group.  Thanks Denny, for putting the meet-up together so we could introduce ourselves to everyone.

The nightly entertainment on the main stage was solid.  We missed school girl night.  Too tired from travelling.  The fire dancers on glow night were great.  The S & M night’s show was probably the best for us but they were all good.  You can tell they work hard on the routines.  The dancers are all personable and will chat it up with you after the shows or during the day when you see them bouncing around the resort.  All the staff was incredible all week long.

The food was good overall.  Some “A” meals and some “B” meals but nothing terrible.  The nude grill was a one-time average experience so Flame was our go to for lunch as it had the most consistent and best tasting menu.  If anyone knows what seasoning they put on the fries let me know because it RULES!  Harry San was also great and the dinner buffet had good selections and the bartender Troy took good care of us.  Oddly enough, my most memorable food/restaurant memories were all the people that came up to me to comment on how much they liked my wife’s nightly outfits so there’s that.

Our second night we decided to stop into the wine bar.  To our surprise about 10 minutes after we ordered our bottle, Harry the owner, arrived with some of his friends and associates.  They were all very personable and shared great stories about the resort.  Harry shared some wine from his personal collection and invited us to join him for dinner at Pastafari so of course, we couldn’t turn it down.  The conversation and food were great but I think they wanted Ann there more than me, but hey…I get it. 

The nude pool events were pretty damn entertaining and mostly provided by hotel guests.  It’s amazing what a little, or a lot, of alcohol and an audience will get people to do on that pool deck.  Speaking of alcohol, the drinks are poured stiff at every bar and bringing our own insulated cups was one of the best tips we received for drink refills.  That and lots of sun block.  Security enforced the “no cell phone” policy as I saw several people get asked to put them away.  No nefarious behavior, just talking on them or checking messages and whatnot but it was nice to see that being upheld.  We didn’t see them enforcing “nude only” however.  There were people who would walk to the nude bar fully dressed, order drinks, and then walk away but we didn’t see much stopping and gawking except for a group of young locals on the other side of the nude grill fence.  Not sure why they weren’t told to buzz off but really, what could anyone do about it?  The nude pool and spa at night was an interesting scene and we’ll just leave it at that.

For us, the best times were laying on and walking up and down the nude beach.  There’s something about the ocean breeze on your nude body and lazily walking down a beach with your favorite person whilst having a rum buzz.  It’s an interesting feeling, knowing as you walk, that there are multiple eyes on you but there’s no discomfort because everyone is sharing the exact same experience.  It feels good actually.  We met some awesome people cooling off down in the water and had great conversation about how Hedonism made them feel ways they could never feel back home and that’s why they regularly return.  We understand now.  We met folks from Florida to Georgia, Tennessee to Texas, New York to California and many in between. 

We did paddle boarding which was a good time but note to anyone new to it… If it’s windy, hold off until the wind dies down unless you’re a strong paddler.  We made it out fine on our day but saw some women on a windy day who couldn’t make it past the nude swimming area ropes.  Also, while in the swimming area, a spotted eagle ray swam a few feet from us and we got to hold sea urchin which was a highlight.  

We took a walk down Seven Mile Beach but after passing a few resorts you get the vibe of like, meh, let’s go back.  Things are just more enjoyable at Hedo.  We did get a sweet conch from Shell Boy though, cool guy!

Resort was maybe half full.  Covid tests were easy and took us both a total of 10 minutes. 

What we were a little surprised by was the mature landscape around the resort.  Took lots of pics of the huge trees and lush tropical foliage throughout.  Also, there were a lot of birds on the nude beach every morning.  As we walked through the paths in the wooded area on the nude side, we noticed large crabs crawling in and out of random holes in the ground.
The trip back to Sangster was much less eventful and we got to chat with people from our group so that was nice.  What’s up Todd and Christie from Memphis?  Jet Blue had the most disorganized outfit at the airport and people were borderline losing it on Sunday so that was a bummer but overall, it was an incredible week and we will be back!  Thanks again Denny for making the bookings a breeze and we look forward to future outings.  Until next time…

Mike & Ann from Florida

Mike & Ann