Wet, Wild & Wicked: Kyle, June 2021

My first of many Hedo trips:

How does one even begin describing the first visit?

No single word can describe the experience. I hope that this can be informative for anyone considering going and entertaining for the veterans, or at least help you remember your first Hedo honeymoon (thanks to Roy from the group for that apt description). I apologize if it's too long but I have to paint a picture.

I guess I can start with the boring facts. I live a boring, mostly solitary life. I am a single 47 year old man. I heard of Hedo many years ago and thought it sounded like a good time. I have been in monogamous relationships or alone for the last 25 years. The wildest thing in my life is the occasional hedonistic fun of a bike rally. Every few years I decide to make a bad choice then choose to be alone again. I'm thin, balding, and tend to be somewhat self conscious. Hedo was a huge leap for me. Many thanks to Denny for facilitating and making the arrangements as smooth as possible. I enjoyed dining and sharing experiences with him a couple times.

Now, about the resort. Upon arrival the lobby staff was very welcoming, efficient, and helpful. We received reusable water bottles and 2 cloth facemasks. Kevon personally walked me through their process and escorted me to my room. My room was overlooking the nude beach from the second floor. It was clean and well maintained. I had actually booked a prude side room since I didn't know if I would have the guts to go nude and didn't want to be "that guy". It was fine though because I found out quickly that being nude was not a problem. The window seat was a very welcome addition to the room. My window faced away from the sunrise but the effect of it was very nice over the bay and opposite shore. I don't sleep much, among other reasons, so I saw many sunrises. Every meal I had was very good. The buffet was good but the meals at Pastafari and Flame were excellent. I didn't make it to Harrysan. I was supposed to meet a wonderful couple there but since I had no cell service and hadn't used WiFi yet, my clock was an hour behind. I of course made an appearance and extended my sincere apologies. Almost the entire staff was excellent. The only exception was a couple of the servers at the buffet that were new hires. The Piano Bar was fun when David was playing and the guests were singing along. David was playful with them and very entertaining. The staff entertainers are talented and specimens of fitness. I met Harry and let him know that his staff was the best I had ever encountered. I don't say this lightly. I have been all over Europe and the US. I have also been to Canada and Mexico.

Now, the more interesting stuff. I'm a veteran, yankee, redneck, biker, engineer, nerd. What am I doing at a nudist resort? As a single guy I had no expectations except to relax, meet good people, and get out of my comfort zone. Boy did that happen and then some! If you go there thinking that you're going to a nympho party, go elsewhere. These are people, like anyone else, with morals and standards. They may be different than a lot of society but that doesn't mean that they are jumping into bed with whoever comes along. I was afraid I'd be seen as a predator or something. I did mention self conscious, right? I had seen repeatedly that single guys may not be well received. I simply presented my true self as a respectful and engaging person. I made very little attempt to "pick anyone up" because that isn't my style. With one exception, that some readers know about, every person that I met and talked to was welcoming and friendly. That particular exception is a cautionary tale and not a Hedo tale so I won't elaborate. Worth noting though is that the individual was promptly removed from the resort thanks to other guests that cared even though we had just met.

Of course I had read and watched reviews of Hedo. I know now that there is no way to describe the experience. The best that I can do with coworkers that ask is to tell them "Everyone goes to a resort to relax and have fun. At Hedo, people go to be happy and make friends." Somehow it doesn't seem to encompass the feeling. I have never felt such a welcome, accepting, comforting vibe. I think that this is why I had no trouble at all stripping down my first night. I actually spray tanned before going because I had worn shorts exactly 1 time in 25 years and thought that my skinny porcelain white ass and legs would look terrible. That tan didn't last the first night in the nude pool. It was something that I was actually able to joke about due to the wonderful people I spent time with. A porcelain white ass like this takes years of dedication to jeans! LOL. I ended up spending about 1/3 of my time at the prude bar and the rest at the nude pool or main bar. I was chlorine saturated by the time I got home. The prude bar was a great time meeting new arrivals. After breakfast I went there for my liquid breakfast and conversation. I spent most of my time nursing beers and water and chatting with anyone around. The bartender Paulette was wonderful. I met the Hedo Queen Bridgette (I gave her that nick-name) at the prude bar and spent a lot of time talking with her as she waited for her husband to get back with the dive boat and we greeted the many people that stopped there on their way in. I have a very distinct tattoo that became the topic of conversation more than once. A few people knew me as, and by, that tattoo rather than my actual name. That was fine and fun. To the uninformed I imagine that what people were yelling across the pool or the dining room was puzzling and a bit of a shock.

The first night I managed to lose my glasses and the pair of shorts that I started out with. I never found either. They have apparently become a tribute to the Hedo gods. I am satisfied with that sacrifice in exchange for the experience I had. It did make it hard to recognize people at a distance, which I do regret. Lasik before I go back I think. I spent time with doctors, nurses, CEO's, entrepreneurs, etc. but we were all equals without judgement. That was foreign to me and until you experience that, as it is there, there is no way to truly comprehend.

I was a Hedo virgin when I arrived but fortunately was able to adapt quickly. I saw others that had more difficulty. I witnessed the beautiful woman from the couple that I was supposed to meet for dinner, I will not name her except to give credit as F, help a very self conscious first time woman get naked and experience the non-judgmental acceptance that is the spirit of Hedo. That first timer was absolutely elated 30 seconds later!

A short word about the return to the real world. The bus driver was a maniac and I had to make him stop somewhere to get rid of the coffee I had drank for this early morning ride. I had stayed up all night to ensure that I didn't miss it. I spent much of the night talking with the bartenders at the nude pool and drinking coffee, beer, and water. I look forward to chatting with them again on my next trip. The airport was just as chaotic as on arrival but strangely more tolerable due to the feeling of wellbeing I had stored up from my 8 day visit. The adjustment to the real world was very difficult for me. Starting, I suppose, with the mess at Philadelphia airport and continuing with driving around jackasses on the way home from the airport. Going back to the normal inconsiderate idiots that make up the bulk of the population around me SUCKED! One gets used to the Hedo environment and forgets that back home everybody has their own agenda and is distrustful, and yes, all too often just plain shitty. It took a couple days for me to stop smelling the chlorine I had soaked up in the nude pool and hot tub. A short digestive adjustment period was necessary as well. Lets just say that the greasy American food didn't agree with me after eating such good food there. It may have been more difficult for me because I am generally a loner and your experience may differ.

I will close by saying that if you are considering Hedo, you are already there and just have to take the leap. If you've already been there then I hope that I get to meet you and may understand and recognize this unique first time feeling. I am more prepared for my next trip and can only imagine it gets better from here. I have a new family and it is the Hedo family!

Also, if anyone from the group would like to contact me directly, feel free. I didn't think to share my contact info with anyone.
email me at kylemm73@gmail.com