Wet, Wild & Wicked - December, 2020: Tracy & Jeff

Trip report, Hedo II WWW December 6-12, 2020

This was our first trip to Hedo during the pandemic, we were both excited and a bit nervous due to what seemed to us to be a higher risk trip. Airport time and air flight in both Des Moines & Atlanta seemed a little different than normal due to less traveling but good safety precautions in place for Covid, plus we too maintained social distancing, constant mask up & frequently used hand sanitizer.  Arriving in Montego Bay, similar safety precaution place for Covid.  We chose to use Club Mo Bay and it was well worth the fee to get escorted through customs, immigration and to our taxi ride most efficiently.  Arriving at the resort, check in was a bit delayed but the precautions in place by the hotel are in the best interest of all.  We had to switch rooms before settling in due to the safe not being operable, staff was very accommodating.   Resort was only ~30-40% full, most guests were wearing masks in common areas, bars, restaurants early on, but did notice that relaxing as the week drew on.  Masks not required on the beach, but we did wear anytime not seated.  We felt comfortable in our surroundings but also maintained good social distancing and limited interactions with others.  Staff was still very friendly and helpful in all area is resort.  Buffet meals were all served to you, in Jamaican style, no hurry Mon....that’s not changed.  Getting through the lines takes more patience but also we ate less this trip & didn’t bring home the vaca 5lbs too😂😂 Food variety was limited, lunch meals were our least favorite, as always but the beach grills remedy that.  Bar service was good this year too, but also a lot less competition to get served.  Weather was beautiful and so glad we made the trip and thankful for the safety precautions instilled by the Jamaican government, the resort & Rocky’s Taxi for abiding by them.  We came home as Covid free as when we left.  

Thank you, Denny P for organizing our WWW trip and look forward to the next! 

Tracy (& Jeff)