RICHARD & JACKEY - December, 2008 (with pictures) Wet, Wild, and Wicked ®

We both came back with a horrible cold, must have caught it on the AirJam flight back to CA.  I hate flying.

Aside, we had a wonderful trip.  Richard and Steve buried Augstus’s RAKE on the beach,  in concrete,  and placed a little rock monument to his hard work.   We ordered a brand new rake for him as a replacement for the joke.

Augustus' Monument Augusts' Monument

Thanks goes to Toons and Kendall for the photos!

To Merlin and Lyn from Canada, “AYE” we had another great year of nonsense and fun.   Steve learned to tie a toga ( yeppers that was the elephant man in a sheet).   Love them crazy Cannucks….  {{{{hugs}}}}}}

Richard has his massage every day with Miss Roslyn, and slept like a cat at every opportunity.   She is the BEST!

I hope all enjoyed the “TOWEL SHORTAGE” gifts.   Thanks to RUPE (the towel man)for the idea.


Will write more later just ran out of time…..  J


Continuing the SAGA…  Two wonderful weeks (14 days) at Hedonism II  WWW-Winter 2008


We would like to mention a few of the staff members, that always make our trips (many trips) so wonderful.  A very special THANK YOU!


We had to honor Agustus this year, he is growing long in the tooth, and thin of limb, but his beaches are immaculate.  For years, he and Richard would tease and play with cute practical jokes and nonsense, he always makes us feel we are home again.


A special mention for Mr. Headly Smith, my favorite gardener extraordinaire!!  For many years he has tended the lovely gardens and I for one, am totally grateful to him, and the other staff that make our paradise always beautiful and tidy, not a leaf out of place! 


Again, much love to Roslyn, for 14 days of her professional massage, joyful relaxation and her caring attitude.


Pool Bar staff: Delroy, for always being prepared, professional and a genuine smile, you can always tell when he is around, things run smooth and efficient.  Blessings to Scumba, thanks for the grand amusements at the pool.

To our lovely ladies of mixology – Grace, Paulette, and Michelle warm smiles and lovely flowers brighten every day we are there.


To Teddy, in the Main Dining area, hats off for a good job, and I hope your budget is increased twice-fold for next year, you are always alert and ready for any problem that may arise.  And Charlie, my wonderful singing chef, at the Omelet Bar, you make our mornings with a song and good cheer, not to mention a fantastic omelet every time! 


To the EC’s you have your hands full there,  thank you to Miss Bubbles for your delightful antics and cheerful disposition.  Winston has big shoes to fill and doing his best, perhaps in time, he will be as stunning an entertainer as Mr. RayRay.  I will forever miss Ray-Ray. 


On the down side…

Little Miss Sunshine has got to be the most rude, self centered, mouthy EC that has ever been hired.  Enough said?


Vollyball, volleyball volleyball, we live for the grit and the sand.  All Fluffers “unite” we shall get more feather dusters and recruit help for next year.  Nude volleyball is a challenge, drunken nude volleyball is a disaster, but fun nonetheless.


On the upside!

I want to thank the housekeeping staff, especially Vernadette in the 1200 block of the resort. She made out room sparkle and she was much more diligent a cleaner and the towels were not a problem for her.  We were well cared for by Miss Vernadette, our room was always made up and very clean.

On the downside,

After our “upgrade” to the ocean view nude area, we had much less service and it was hit and miss on the room cleaning for the last week we were there. 

It is also time to start bringing the Lysol spray for the NEW a/c units, the filters were cleaned to a (light green), but the inside guts are a dark moldy green.   Leave it to us to take things apart, to CLEAN them, but I still got upper respiratory congestion, but only after we moved to the nude side. 

AND, with that said, the new A/C units are such an improvement over the last ten years, that it is a small problem, and easily corrected with a mold inhibitor.  IMHO   J


Miss Lorna Clark, thank you for visiting in the dining area every day with us, and I am still hopeful that my missing yellow bag will be returned.  Last but not least, to Mr. Kevin Levee…welcome HOME again, we sincerely hope that all will be well at Hedo 2, now that you have returned. 


See you all, same time, next year in paradise.


Richard and Jackey Fronk

1991 to 2008


Richard & Jackey