LAIRD & ANDRA - December, 2008 Wet, Wild, and Wicked ®



Sunday-  NEVER, NEVER work on the day before your trip...  What was suppossed to be a low key day, was anything but.  At least I was home by 8:00pm


Monday-  Up at 3:30am!!  Arrival at Orlando Airport at 6:00 am.  Holy cow, the AA line is backed up and we are just going carry on!!!!  Locate the self check kiosk and 15 minutes later we were headed to security where we breezed right on through.  Our transfer at Miami was uneventful.  Upon landing in Mo-Bay, we breezed through immigrations, then got to walk by the mad rush to claim baggage (carry-on only, remember?) and head straight for Customs for a 5 minute wait.  From Customs we head straight to the SuperClubs area and immediately onto a waiting bus!!  Only one other Hedonite (from Chicago) on the bus with us.  There was a small traffic snafu in Lucea, but other than that the bus ride was fine.  Arrived home to a pleasant suprise; our ROH the booking landed us on the nude gardenview side, building closest to the tennis courts (Thank You Hedo!!) Ran into Denny who introduced me to Kevin Levee, then it was off to the beach for NBHs!!!!  After jerk chicken with no jerk sauce, it was time for a hot shower and a trip to the main dining room for dinner. The food was pretty much the same as always, but it was good.


Tuesday-Friday Daytime- Apparently I missed the morning show on the Hedo float Tues, but caught it Weds... LOL!!  We re-established our sand-slug status and hung out with our Hedo friends.   Read a book.  The water balloon slingshot crew provided daily entertainment.  Eat 5 times a day  Jerk chicken was good.  I found a new drink; Coconut rum & pineapple juice w/ a splash of cranberry.  Yummy!!! 


Injuries-  Seems I can't go to Hedo without injuring my feet somehow and this trip was no exception.  On Weds I scrapped one of my toes in one of the cool pools near the dinning hall.  Luckily I brought some good band aids!


Games-  Sand-slugging has really taken it's toll on me, plus the ECs didn't seem to be around much.  I hardly played any games this trip and only did 1 nekkid waterslide run!  The wife pretty much lounged in her beach chair


Attendence-  The crowd was definately lighter this year.


Dinners-  Mon & Tues; Main dinning hall, the food was good.  Weds Munasan; Food was good, got to meet some new Hedonites.  Thurs Pastafari; The food was good and it was just me and the wife for a quiet evening together.  Fri; Grand Buffet.  Lobster!!  The food selection was good as well.  No problems!!


Entertainment;  Kind sucked!  While it was nice to hear dinner music in the main hall, it was sleep inducing!!!  They could have played some songs with a little energy and still kept the volume down.  When the band stopped playing, there was a 45-60 minute wait before the evening entertainment started.  No Steel drum band, no circus show, the bar tender competion was neat, but loud and hard to understand the concept.  It became annoying after a while.


Piano Bar-  I was only able to stay up late enough on Fri to catch it.  The piano player was good and was willing  to engage the crowd.  IMO he shouldn' t start with piece by piece, it bombed real bad on the first lady he tried to get up there.  Other than that, the energy was good and I was reminded of the piano bar from years past. 


Hedo Friends-  Old and new were great as usaual!!!  We are not naming names so as to protect the guilty!!!  LOL  But we do need to shout out to Muffy, thanks for the door hanger!!


Going Home-  We did NOT get an eviction notice under the door.  Instead we had a message on the phone to call the front desk.  Sat partly rainy and the seas were kicked up pretty good.  Waves were crashing over the Hedo pier!  We said our goodbyes and got mooned from a crowd on moon hill, as we caught the 1200 bus back to the World and our 5 hour layover in Miami before our flight to Orlando!!!!!


Flying Home-  We had to detour to drop a couple off at the cruise ship, then arrived to a PACKED AA line at the airport... We finally cleared that with 45 minutes before our flight.  A very short shopping spree and some Dominos pizza was the order of the day.  Picked up some Rum cream for friends (bad idea, read on).  $5 for a Red Stripe at the airport.... I don't think so!!!


Landing in Miami-  We arrive with carry on... The walk to immigration was loooooooong.  Cleared customs, only to find out we couldn't bring our Rum cream bottles on carry on, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!.  No prob, we head for the AA counter to inquire about an earlier flight.  We are in luck, we have have 45 minutes to catch the flight.  BUT........  they can't check our bag with the Rum cream because of the short notice....  Merry Christmas to the AA attendant, hope you enjoyed the rum cream!!  Off to security we go, only to find a line.......  Finally cleared there and literally had to run to our gate which was not close!!!  We made the plane with AA calling our name over the PA!!


Other than flying, it was a great time, with great people!! 


We'll be back!!