HAROLD & LISA - December, 2008 Wet, Wild, and Wicked ®

WWW Winter 08 Hedo ll Trip report


This is trip number 5 to Hedo ll.  The first was in 99 when we wanted to find a clothing optional resort because we had agreed that neither of would marry again.  When we changed our minds Lisa wanted to challenge me and said she would but only if I found a place we could do it nude.  We booked Hedo ll and were on our way.  Since it was our first Clothing optional experience, it took a while for us to acclimate to the nude side.  Probably 10 minutes or so.  The first three days were great. It was all that we expected.  We met some great people and enjoyed the resort and activities. 


Then ----- a couple of groups started to arrive.  One of them was Denny’s WWW group.  It did not take long to realize that we had stumbled on the greatest fun we could imagine with the greatest people we had ever met. It became an annual event for the next three years.


We then found cruises and did that for the next four years.  However the DIF persisted and we constantly agreed that we need to go back to Hedo with Denny’s WWW group.  Well, this was the return of the prodigal couple.


What we found was that Hedo was still all that we loved. Some things have changed.  Most for the better (except TV in the rooms – that is just not right at Hedo).  The people were as great as we remembered and we met several new lifelong friends.  That is the Magic of Hedo.  You get to meet the best friends of your life.  It begins communication that goes on for years  - trying to all get back “home” together again.


The summary is that after 9 ears since the first trip, #5 was all we could hope for.  We went back “home” and needless to say, there will not be any more four year breaks in between.  We cant wait until WWW Winter 09.


Lisnhar (Lisa and Harold)