BOB & FRAN - December, 2008 Wet, Wild, and Wicked ®

December 2008 WWW-Beachloafers


12/03/08   Arrive Montego Bay Airport.  When we got to the luggage area the airport personnel was stacking the luggage up in such a way you couldn’t get to it.  Some other pieces were pig piled.  Never have we seen this before.


We waited a half hour for the Hedo transportation bus to leave.  There were 10 people on the bus.  Bob and I and Deb for Hedo and the rest for Lido.  Needless to say it was a quiet bus ride.  At least no one got off when the driver stopped.  Note: no one from Lido tipped the driver!


We showed up at Hedo just in time to check in, drop our luggage and head to the repeaters party.  It was being held in the Piano Bar.  There was no beef tenderloin.  They did have pork tenderloin that was very good.  Quintin won his 5 free days with 18 visits! 


12/04/08   We choose to boycott Toga…again.  It seems like maybe it’s time to do something different.  I think most people are tired of doing the toga night.  There were never any sheets in our room or those of others in our group.  It was the least amount of toga’s I have ever seen.  We ate at Munasan, the Japanese Restaurant.  It was not as good as it has been in previous years.  There was no beef and no fish.    


12/05/08   Bob’s Birthday   As usual Kris brought a lovely birthday crown for Bob.  No silly string this year though!  When leaving the room the housekeeper saw me put out a Happy Birthday sign on our door and asked whose birthday it was.  I told her it was my husband’s.  When we returned to the room we found this on the table:



Memory from this day…all the girls on Quintin and “Grandma on the toilet”!


We had two tables of 8 for the dinner birthday celebration that night.  We invited Chad and Sonya to join us and they became official members of the Beachloafers.  They just fit right in.


There was no lobster tonight on the Grand Buffet. 


After dinner, we headed for the piano bar.  The bartender was very busy so Bob just decided to become bartender for a while and help her out.  He had a great time.  This photo was taken after the rush was over.   


The piano bar entertainment has definitely improved since last year!



12/06/08   Today, Deb ran the Reggae half marathon.  It starts at 5 a.m., before it gets too hot.  Every year we say we might try to go out and see her go by.  It’s usually around 7 a.m. and so we’ve never actually made it.  This year though, I was there.  Just as I got to the street she was coming towards Hedo.  Perfect timing.  I yelled “Deb!  Go girl.”  She later thanked me and said it gave her an added boost she really needed. 

Memory from this day…At the mid-afternoon Heineken party there was a special surprise for Deb.  Jim and Rayne had brought her a 12 pack of Fat Tire in their suitcase. (beer you can only get in the West) Deb loves it and we had mentioned it to Jim and Rayne.  Anyway, we had it on ice and when it was beer time she got the Fat Tire.  She was thrilled!

Later in the day…at 4…we all trucked ourselves down to the Prude Beach to do a 1st anniversary toast to Quintin and Kris in the spot they married.  There were 3 guys on the Prude beach and no one else.  We asked if they minded if we got naked.  Since no one said yes we all dropped our clothes.  We took some pictures and hoped to watch the sunset from there but then security came over and said we had to put our clothes on.  We opted to leave.  We all stopped at the prude bar for drinks on the way back thru.  We noticed that Deb had technically put her dress on alright…but just on her front side.  The back was still exposed.  A great laugh for all!


So, how do we all stay “up” at night?


12/07/08 Our annual mini skirt party at Hedo.  We got a virgin in on this.  He was suspicious and thought it might really be some sort of initiation.  Later, after we finally got Chad out there in his skirt, Sonya commented “who would have ever thought a skirt could create so much fun!”  Laura did a panties check and actually nabbed a couple of our guys with them on.  She took them with her.  (She brought them to the beach the next morning!)      

12/08/06   We had to see off our newest Beachloafer members…Chad and Sonya.  Sonya said she was going home and put in for vacation for our week next year as soon as she got home.  We sincerely hope to see them again!       Since they were virgins we had to do a moon hill event for them.  It was great and we heard Sonya exclaim from the bus “oh_ my_ god”.   I had told Chad they had to sit on the driver’s side of the bus and have the camera ready.  He asked why and I said “just do it”!  Sorry you two for making you miss out on the oceanside photographs you wanted. 

We took our annual trip to Xtabi for another wonderful dinner.  A very small group of us this year compared to year’s past.  Just 14 of us.  We did a little re-decorating on our way back through Hedo.


12/09/08   Today we rented a Catamaran for a few hours.  We had just 13 people.  It’s a much smaller cat but fun to do our own thing.  We go out with Ray’s Water Sports and our good friend Neal, who works there, goes with us.  Neal is “good Jamaican people” and we have known him for many years.   Anyway, this was a perfect day for us to leave the beach.  We watched a storm go all along the beach today while we were staying dry on the Cat.  Many days we have seen just the opposite with the storms along the cliffs.

Tonight we celebrate Shelli’s birthday since it’s on the 10th and they have to leave.  We have reservations to eat at Pastafari.  We were able to get a table for 13 of us but then found out our friend Barry was coming on a night pass with his girl friend.  We were unable to get them added to our reservation but they did get a table nearby us. 

It’s PJ party night.  The disco is SO loud we can barely stand it.  Now…understand that Bob and I do lots of live music and we are used to loud.  It was the only night we made it to the disco and it was short lived.  When we left we went to the piano bar and had a private party.  All 8 of us…


Be very careful about stealing beach front property…you never know what might happen! 


12/10/08   Today we decided to talk a walk down the beach.  Quintin and Kris, Jim and Rayne and Deb all went with us.  We used to do this regularly but it’s infrequent now.  Quintin “acquired” some Heinz ketchup at Sandals.  The security guard there knew he had done something but didn’t see what.  He kept a close eye on him until we were safely locked back up in the gates of the Zoo.  It was pretty funny and we played with him.  He was good natured about it all.

When we got back we hit the Prude Grill and had fries with Heinz ketchup!  From there we went to the repeaters party.  This week it’s in the Disco.  Tonight they have the beef tenderloin.  Bob and I won 5 free nights with what we think is 15 visits but later discover the resort has us verified at 17 visits. 

12/11/08   Another toga party.  Again…no sheets are left in the rooms.  (We boycott anyway!)  We ate at Munasan again.  It’s better this week than last.  We have both fish and beef.



Staff of special mention…Tony and Cecile.  Our housekeeper, Eugenia who was an absolute dear.  Nakeisha, the waitress at Munasan.  It was great to see Kevin Levee back on property.  Matta and “King” Arthur.  I must say this, I find if I look the dining room staff in the eye and ask how they are and give them a moment of my attention that the service I get is incredible.  I believe you get what you give.  Kindness goes a long way.       

It’s always wonderful to see everyone!  WWW Friends DennyP, Diane & John, Bill and Patti, Rupe and Patty, Jeff and Laura. 

Our fellow beach mates…Gary and his lovely wife (whose name escapes me…so sorry) and Joe and Helen.  (Helen shares Bob’s birthday!), Will and Gretta, Roy and Jannie.  

New Friends… Chad and Sonya, Kristof and Karolien, Noah.

We really missed all those Beachloafers who couldn’t be with us this year.  Hopefully they can all make it for the big birthdays next year when Bob turns 50 and Shelli turns 40.

Beachloafers in attendance…

Quintin and Kris, Deb, Kevin and Pamela, Jim and Rayne, Todd and Shelli, Buddy and Jackie, Bob and Me…Fran (aka DammitJanet and/or Motherhedo)

Honorary member for the week...Tom, (who also ran the half marathon). Tom was a great sport and we did our best to torture him throughout the week!  Always go commando Tom! 

Peace Everyone!  Have a great year.

 Bob & Fran