STAN & JEANNE - JULY, 2008 (with pictures) Wet, Wild, and Wicked ®

6/30-7/12 2008

So we had a slow start American had a delay. But the way through security was fast. We traveled with Lewis and Alice. I think it did make a big difference in making the time fly. We got to Jamaica and found we were waiting for a boat load of people. I tried to get into the Hedo mood but had a lot of non hedonistic people. They did not want to get nude. :( We stopped in Montego bay to drop a singleton off at Breezes. I did warn him that he'd be bored. And if, when that happened to go to front desk and ask to be moved to Hedonism. Saw him the next day in the pool, he thanked me. 
      We got to the resort and our room was ready. Got our selves signed up for scuba for the next day. No problems with the room. air worked, food was very edible, though I did stay on my diet and lost 2 lbs while I was on vacation. We met up with so many nice people. I had a blast. Don't know where the time went! We sailed, using Stan's expertise. We snorkeled, Taught Lewis how to snorkel and got him hooked! :) We went scuba diving, saw the usual stuff. No Dolphins though   :(  We did get to see a couple really nice spotted Eagle rays, turtle, ocean triggers.
We had 13 afternoons of solid rain. They played BINGO in the dining room ? ! Wow can people get out of a pool in a hurry! It was so rainy, how rainy was it? It was so rainy I started to count in between the lightning blasts to see how close, I was not getting out until 2-1000. Not that it dampened the attitude at the pool much.  When we got out of the pool it was naked scrabble time.  I got to see a few hummingbirds. They like it after it rains. They are very pretty.
        We met a lot of really enjoyable people to hang out with! One of the couples were Owen and El, they came from Wales. lovely accents. I met him & wifey I told  him to keep talking, & I don't care what you say, Probably wont say that again :) We went sailing and enjoyed ourselves immensely.   We also had a group go to bloody bay and swim and snorkel, very nice time. The beach over their is like baby powder.
     We finally ate at Italian restaurant several times, thanks to Lewis and Alice. ( Couldn't seem to make reservations on the last 6 trips.) The food was very good. I did not have room for desert, unless it was birthday cake. During our stay it was Lewis and Alice's birthday, the resort does make a fine cake to celebrate!

A Elvis impersonator entertained for one night, one week they had a really great talent show.  I am glad they did away with the art show. I'm also glad they show the art on the beach also.
The tail end of our vacation we met up with the fluffernutters. That was a great last couple days!  As I said lots of really fun loving people!  I had a wonderful time playing shark. Even if Alice did decide I needed SUPERVISION! ;) Needless to say a great time had by all. :)

Stan & Jeanne

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