Normy & Colleen - December, 2006 Wet, Wild, and Wicked

Ok, Ive read all the trip reports and have decided that yes, I wanna tell everyone what a great time we had too!As I watch the NFL playoffs (go New England!) let me fill you in on all the fun we had One thing I have to say is we had booked our trip before we even knew that Denny Ps Wet/Wild/Wicked group had booked their annual trip for winter 2006.  We decided  to sign up with WWW and get to meet others. 


No problem mon.  We left Manchester /Boston airport on time (after Thanksgiving and my youngest daughters 17th birthday) and got to Washington Dulles on time.  Then we left Dulles and flew into MoBay as scheduled.  Then we went to the super clubs lounge and waited for our bus ride to Hedo II. 

One thing: when booking with Superclubs , Timair travel was not available.  On our first trip to Hedo II we flew Timair and saved about 2 hours on our arrival time at the resort .  We were a little disappointed having to spend so much time on the bus on our second trip to Hedo.  Is this a problem with Superclubs bookings or is there something defunct with Timair

Luckily there were people on the bus to Hedo that insisted we NOT stop at any roadside beer/ bathroom places and we made it to the resort within 2 hours. 

Once there the registrations and room placement went without a hitchwe had signed up for OVN with Jacuzzi Terrace and found our room was almost the same as two years ago,

We had stayed in Room 2121 our first year and it was OVN with a window that is now a door that leads to a terraced hot tub, same as 2122, the room we had this last trip.  Let me tell you now, it is probably the best room on the resort, at least for us.  We had a gorgeous hot tub everyday, all to ourselves, if we wanted, come rain come shine and it was right in front on the volleyball court and ocean beachone minute from the nude side bar,  central to all of Hedo, money well spent. 

I cant be bothered with trying to save money for bargains or  ROH because as I can read from other trip reports this rarely results in a good thing for customer or the resort.   You get what you pay for. 

What a treat to have your own personal hot tub.  Every morning I would rise and slide into the warm bubbly water of my tub and it was always ready for me at night when I was ready to relax and wash all the day away.. It was fun when others came to join us for fun and conversation and when it rained we just sat in our roof covered hot tub and waited for the sun to come back out.  All our guest were so pleasantly surprised at our little refrigerator that came stocked daily with wata and red stripe along with sodas.


Because we wanna look good with no clothes on, Norm and I have a membership at Golds Gym at home.   We got to the Hedo II gym once but because the A/C was off Norm was not very enthusiastic about staying for long.  ( I loved the heat but as you know marriage is built on compromise./  Anyway, the almost daily volleyball/ocean swims sessions helped burn off many calories as well as acquaint us with many fun folks and volleyball games became the art I have always wanted it to me. Kudos to John and wife, Steve and wife and the wonderful british guy who was Channelling John Lennon on December 8th, the anniversary of his death for letting us learn the art of volleyball.  I had a chance to put the ball up in the air for others to hit over the net whereas before most males would just crash in and hit the ball over the net.  We had so much fun and when I got an injury and could not play any more I was the dance/cheerleader.  PS  I learned more about Hedo bucks from John and May. 

Theme nights and PDAs 

I had so much fun with theme nights, with a costume for most every night.  Sports nights I had a cute little outfit that look almost like a Oakland Raiders team outfitfunny cause I love my Patriotsanyway it was the most I dressed up all week but it did look cute, my MaryJanes made me 59,..P/J s later on at the disco was a hot VS white babydoll number and Norm and I had a blast dancing that night. 

The trip home came too soon.  The playboy channel started to work about 2 days before we were supposed to leave and Norm and I just started staying in the room, smoking dope and watching porn.  It was great but you know what they say all good things must come to an end.  We got home safe and sound and had no particular problems. 

We are looking forward to our next trip to Hedo II.  Probably wont go in the summer as we have a gorgeous back yard and pool and really enjoy our time here then but definitely 2007 winter for sure.  

Normy & Colleen