Matt & Suzanne - July, 2006 Wet, Wild, and Wicked

We arrived in Jamaica at about 8:30am on Monday, July 10th.  We had a little bit of trouble getting through customs as they wanted our hotel itinerary and at first, we thought it was in our luggage.  We found it in Matts backpack and were able to then get through, but we found this a little annoying.  We have never experienced an immigration agent asking for any lodging paper work.  Must have thought we looked shady? 

We then went to the Superclubs lounge to wait for the shuttle and were sad to hear that Monty and Michelle (our California friends) tried to wait for us, (they had arrived earlier), but were put on an earlier bus. The shuttle ride to Hedo was pleasant, we were the only ones on the bus and we had room to spread out.  We enjoyed the view of Jamaica on the ride in.  Since we left quite early from Grand Cayman, I feel asleep for a little bit before we arrived.   

We had a smooth check in and were able to get our room key right away.  We also met Monty and Michelle in the lobby and said hello.  Unfortunately, I was a little grumpy from traveling that morning.  We went off to find our room and thankfully one of the friendly staff saw us searching and pointed us in the right direction. We had an ocean view room 2229 upstairs on the nude side.  The room was decent it was clean, but nothing fancy.  We immediately went off to check out the resort and decided to head to the nude pool for some sun.  Our first day there, I was surprised at what we saw.  I knew what to expect I believe, but I did not expect to see some of the things we saw in the middle of the day!  That first day was a great one.  We hung out at the pool, and then went to the main dining room for dinner.  We stayed on to see some of the entertainment there, and then went to the Piano Bar and to the disco.  We stayed there until about 1am then went to the nude pool.  We had fun there, with the exception of a vinny who made an offer to lend a helping hand.  We politely declined and continued to have fun.  We cracked up that a security guard continued to pass by to see what was going on.   

The next day was a little painful.  I was pretty hung over.  I decided to get a message at the spa and it was great.  The spa is beautiful!  We then hung out at the nude pool again and met some interesting folks!  I was pretty wiped out, but we went to Pastafari for dinner.  We were disappointed.  In fact, I felt so awful that by the time our food came, we left.  Matt ate his, but I couldnt eat.  I dont think I could have eaten the pasta with smoked chicken even if I was feeling well as it just wasnt appealing.  We went back to our room to lay down and unfortunately, I never was well enough to go out that night, so we missed p.j. night :)L  Matt was pretty bummed.  

On Wednesday, we decided to have a quieter day, and hung at the nude beach in the shade for the first part of the day, then headed back to the nude pool in the afternoon.  It was fun being on the nude beach because lots of people came up to talk to us as they walked by.  One of the staff that came to chat told us about her love for country music and continued to serenade us for the next 30 minutes or so while she was there. We enjoyed attending the gift exchange at the piano bar, where we finally met some of the WWW group that we had not yet had the chance to meet.  That was a blast and people got some pretty cool toys.  By the way, thank you to whoever bought the hummingbird (?) Matt won as we have enjoyed it!  (Actually, I enjoyed it).  After the exchange we headed to the pool for some fun.  Thank you to Eugene for arranging the body shots!  Matt enjoyed seeing me be the shot glass.  That night was Naughty School Girl night and I got a bikini top painted by Ryan.  I loved doing that!  She does an excellent job and it was just a fun thing to do.  We ate at the Japanese restaurant that night and enjoyed talking to Lori and Pete, who we kept running into at dinner all week.  The food there was pretty good.  We hung out again in the dining room, Piano Bar and later at the disco.   

Thursday afternoon we did the waterslide for the first time by ourselves.  After a few runs we walked over to the nude pool.  After a short time Russ (thank you) organized a group nude waterslide field trip.  It is a lot more fun naked! 

Thursday night was toga night and we had quite an experience trying to make a toga with the fabric we bought.  I think we spent about an hour doing so.  We did not get to the dining room until about 9 that night, so there were no tables to sit at.  But thankfully, we met Cheryl at the bar and she invited us to sit with her group.  Matt got dragged up to the stage for the contest (I did too, but I am chicken and bailed!) and he had to ask for another drink to make it through!  At least he stayed and went through with it!  We drank some shots with Cheryl and Patty and then moved on to the Piano bar.  We had a great time there and heard some funny stories from Cheryl involving her piercing that got pulled out ouch!  We drank some more shots then we then went again to the disco and that was the best night there.  Somehow, I got dragged up to the pole to dance with Michelle and eventually, lost the top of my toga!  Eugene convinced me to remove the pasties I was wearing, so I gave one to Cheryl and the other to Matt.  We had a blast dancing there and took a few funny photos (dont know if they will ever see the light of day?) that evening. We ended up later at the nude pool and couldnt figure out how Michelle, Monty, Denny and Eugene made it there before us when we left to go before they did.   

The next day was Friday and we had to go home.  We went out to the pool to look for an earring I lost the night before. We had a lot of fun in the pool that night!  We cracked up when we saw one of my pasties on a beach chair!    

We ended up in a routine:  We would get up go the nude beach / pool, then have some water.  Eat some cheese and ham sandwiches from Roberts.  At noon start to have some Red Stripes.  Go back to our room at 6pm to ..nap.  We then would get ready for dinner and the show in the dinning room.  Then it was time for Landsharks in the Piano Bar.  We then moved to the disco when it opened for dancing and some Landsharks (still not sure what those were).  Good thing we were at Hedo, because some nights our attire didnt stay on in the disco.  After we got all hot we would walk over to the nude hot tub / pool for some fun.   

When we first arrived, we couldnt see returning to Hedo, but when we left, we were already thinking about going back!  I think part of the appeal is the party atmosphere and the fact that you cant help but relax there.  We had so much fun every day.  We loved the grilled sandwiches, burgers, fries and the nachos at the nude grill!  The Jerk chicken also was incredible!   

It was hard to return and go back to work, but we are trying to figure out when we can get back!  Until then we are looking for a way to recapture Hedo... 

Thank you Denny for introducing us to so many fun people! 

Matt and Suzanne