Mike & Barbara - September, 2006 Wet, Wild, and Wicked: Desire Cancun

Sept. 9-16 WWW Desire trip report. 

                Its been a week now since we returned from our latest visit to Desire. Weve caught up on our sleep, returned to eating normally, and have resumed our normal lives .and we already miss Desire so much we cant imagine how we are going to wait over 3 more months to go back !

                This was our 7th visit to desire, and our 5th with DennyPs WWW group.  Our flights in were uneventful. As usual extra services was waiting for us at the airport and got us quickly to the resort.

Within a few minutes we began running in to many of our old friends, and to several other folks who we had chatted with in Dennys chat room in the weeks leading up to the trip. After sharing hugs, and then the inevitable drinks with everyone, our usual first day wipeout was well under way. We are proud to say however that we did attend the hot tub later that afternoon, dinner and the disco that evening, and the hot tub again later that evening. We think we had a great time- although not all the details are very clear !

                As usual with every WWW group trip, we had a wonderful time the rest of the week catching up with old friends and making new ones. And also as usual our only regret is that we didnt have more time to spend with some of them. It all goes by so quickly !

                The resort itself was beautiful as always. We did feel that the service from the staff was just a bit off the first half of the week. The entertainment staff was short handed. Leo (the hardest working waiter we have ever seen) was on vacation and the staff at the buffet and around the pool just seemed to be stretched a little thin. But for the last half of the trip, Leo returned (and lifted the performance of everyone who worked with him) new entertainment staff came on board, and everything came up to the standards we remembered. In fact- for a couple of days- we had both Leo and Silvia serving drinks around the pool. Talk about an A team ! They are both fantastic. Enrique was as engaging and charming as always and made us feel very much at home. We have come to know some of the bartenders very well thru our many visits. And even though they all work hard, they are not all equally talented and engaging. Unfortunately their current manager has them all on a strict rotation thru the various stations on the resort at a different station/time each month I believe. While that may be fair in giving each equal opportunity, it does in effect deprive the guests from getting the best and most entertaining service at the most popular bars. We are sure the management knows who these popular bartenders are, and we hope that in the future they will return to scheduling them where and when their talents can best be appreciated.

                The food at all the restaurants was excellent. The no reservation system seemed to work well and there was rarely much of a wait. We did have a bad experience one night at the main buffet when we tried to get a group of 12 setting together. We were assured that in 20 minutes it would be all set up for us. But in 20 minutes when we returned the situation was worse than before and the staff seemed incapable of putting it together for us so we gave up.  Also, although we do enjoy the food at the Italian restaurant, we still would prefer to have the main buffet open more than 3 nights per week. We ended up at the Italian for 3 of our 7 nights and each time it was just too hot- with no breeze- to enjoy the meal outside and the menu is pretty limited.

                The disco and the early evening entertainment in the lobby bar area were just fine. Some nights the participation and attendance by the guests were not that great but that probably was in part due to the fact that it was so hot. On costume night, we cowboys joined up with some great lakes Indians to sqeak out a win in the contest at the disco. The heat also kept many of us from spending much time in the hot tub- but many of us did discover that the pool is an absolutely wonderful place to party late at night when it is so hot. We did notice that the people using the hot tub area beds seemed to be more considerate about using them and giving them up and then disposing of their towels than we had seen on our last trip. But on the other hand the playroom on a couple occasions had towels lying all over the place.

                All in all, we had another wonderful trip to Desire. Great people, great fun, great sex, all add up to the best resort anywhere and we wont be going anywhere else soon. We met some great people outside of the WWW group , and as always the WWW group itself was full of fun and interesting people that we cant wait to see again .

                Thank you to DennyP, Sharon, the resort staff, and to each and every one of our fellow guests who helped make our trip special. We look forward to seeing you all again soon ! 

                                                                                                                Mike & Barbara