Dennis & Diane - September, 2006 Wet, Wild, and Wicked

            Our first trip report, our second time to the eden Desire.  Great flight with usa3000, they treat the passengers like they care!   If you have not booked with them yet, check them out, reasonable prices, food and a movie for free!  But best of all, no long lines to board or disembark.

            We rented a car just in case we would want to leave the resortLOL..never happened!  The rental car fiasco I wont bore you with, just know that you dont want to rent a car from a company YOU CANNOT CONTACT from the USA before your trip!   LOL..It was a 2 hour adventure, thats all.

            We arrived at the resort and were quickly checked in and made our way to the pool area, where all the excitement  if you want any, is usually going onwe were happy to see some friends made from the last visit and made many new friends along the way thru the week

            Okay to answer the most common questions: How are the rooms?  ANSWER:  Are you here to spend time in your room or are you here to socialize and hang out with a great group of people from all over the world that dont feel they need to be dressed to have fun???  Your room is only important if you choose to stay inside and hibernate. Yes the T.V. works, ask Dennis..LOL

            Is the PDA  OBVIOUS @ the pool, and during the day?  NO!!HONESTLY, ONLY after 3 pm, at the Jacuzzi, upstairs, will you see any blatant sex or sexual flirting..if you dont want to see or partake, sit on the prude side upstairs at the JacuzziLOL.or spend your time on the beach beds, its quieter and more private, thats what they tell me, never been thereLOL

            The food is great, and plentiful, and available whenever you need to eat..but you wont..everyone has to remind themselves to eat, youre having too much fun

            The disco..dress for the themes, and dress as wild and crazy as you can imagine, its the only place in the world where a woman can go ALL OUT and still get complimented by all her new girls on how hot she looks!!!  If its sleazy its just right in the disco, plus, its HOT in Cancun, so the less the betterLOL..

            Okay and Last SIZE does not matter, AGE does NOT matter!  We are all just having fun, and no one is trying to STEAL you mate, the great thing about DESire is the couples rule..if we see someone without their mate at the Jacuzzi trying to flirt we call them out!  Its an un-spoken rule!

So if you are thinking about it, try itwe did, and we cant wait to get back

Also, those new couples you know who you are, M & D. R & K. wheres your newbie report?

Thanks to Denny.. for being Denny, and Sharon, sorry about all the smoking

Mike and barb for being the consummate Desire hosts..and they have the BEST COSTUMESand the show your first

.Bob N Sandy for being our travelmates,  , we knew you two would FIT right in..LOL

Brian and his beautiful wife shelleyyou are a lucky man Brian!

John & Karen for our nights on the beach,         Dave and diane,,Isnt the pool at night the best?            AND Allie for my polka dot bikini.Eric & Kelley..thanx for the jello shots, can we come to Dayton for some more?     Linz and Dave,   mirror images of ourselves

Wish we could share our pics, but they belong to the group from WWW Sept 06


D & D