Andrew & Kimberly - May, 2006 Wet, Wild, and Wicked

Hedo III- May 15-19
This was our second trip to the resort and we can't wait to go again. I'll try not to be to long.
Airline and Arrival Info-
We flew out of Columbus, Ohio on United at 6:30am and had to change planes in Washington. Overall the flight was not bad except for the part that they sprayed us with some kind of spray before arriving in Montego Bay. This was the first time I'd ever been sprayed on an airline and we are still not sure what the deal was with this. We got in Montego Bay at 12:15pm. The lines for immigration were a little long- had to wait 20 minutes or so. We got our bags and then had to stand in line at customs for about 15 minutes then it was off to Superclubs lounge. We only had to wait five minutes for our bus. We had 4 couples going to Hedo the rest going to Starfish. We didnt have to stop at the rest stop so we made good time.
When we arrived our room was not ready so we went over to Scotch Bonnet to get a bite to eat- great jerk chicken. After about 45 minutes we went back to the front desk and were taken to our room.
We were in an oceanfront suite in the 900 building. It was great. The only thing we didnt like was that we were on the top floor and the mirrors above the bed were at angles- remininded us of the circus mirrors. It was great hearing the waves outside at night though. The room was clean and no mold whatsoever.
Quad Pool-
We only went here once and it was our last day before our shuttle left to catch a few rays. It is nice and alot more peaceful plus there is alot more room for floats.
Nude Pool-
What can I say- it was great as usual. There were plenty of chairs available and the excitement was never ending.
Prude Pool-
Didn't use it and never saw anyone in it.
Terrace Dining-
The food is not always the best but we don't go here for that anyway. I am a very picky eater and there was always something for me to eat. Loved the french toast and the jerk chicken.
Scotch Bonnet-
We ate here every day and it great. The view is the best. We also loved the patties and the chicken.
Nude Grill-
Burgers were great and so were the jerk chicken salads.
Pretty good and loved the ceasar salad.
We didnt make it to the Japenese restaurant so can't report about that.
Bar service and waitresses-
Always the best and happy to wait on us
They definetely show us agood time.
Packed on a few nights and hot and fun as usual.
Piano bar-
Nice setting 
We had the 11am shuttle to airport- Pretty quiet ride out. United computers were down so we had to wait in line forever for them to do everything by hand. Flight from Washington to Columbus was delayed over an hour due to mechanical problems. Finally got off the ground and got home. Don't think flying them again.
We really love it here and are planning on going again in October or December. Don't think we'll do May again as it is there rainy season they told us. We met some great people on this trip. Wayne- you sure are a great guy- hope to see you again soon and hope you found your glasses!!
Kimberly & Andrew