Ian - December, 2003 Wet, Wild and Wicked

Trip Report WWW Winter 2003

WWW started off in the airport lounge with three other couples thanks to my WWW hat. The party really started when they made an announcement that first class upgrades were available. After I finished my first glass of champagne in two minutes the steward told me that he wouldnt allow it to happen again and my glass stayed full the rest of the trip. After the safety announcements I informed the steward that the whistle on the life jackets was actually a dinner bell for the sharks and he told me that the oxygen masks were there so that he wouldnt hear the passengers scream!

Upon arrival at customs they wanted to know what was in my three large bags. Chocolates and toys was the wrong answer. I did manage to convince them that 20lbs of chocolates were for personal use. After the third degree I arrived at the Superclubs desk to find out that everyone else on the plane already gone. They told me I could make the bus but there was no room for my luggage. I got on the bus with my suntan lotion. Thats all you really need anyway. It was a quick non-stop ride. The road construction workers enjoyed getting flashed as we passed.

When we got to Hedo they were out of bananas so I filled my WWW mug with rum punch. The next thing that I remember is waking up Saturday morning. I spent the day recovering in the sun. Delroys ran out of bananas during the day but I waited for more this time. The hot tub was broken or cold most of the week. Dave was great as usual in the piano bar.

On Sunday I went water skiing and every day for the rest of the week. They have a brand new ski boat and it is awesome. Jerk chicken is now served at 4:00pm. The welcome party that night was a nice touch Denny. Even though most of us knew about it the wedding announcement was very touching.

On Monday the wet t-shirt contest was fun. The MMT made three stops. Times Square for shopping. Three dives for dinner and sunset. A beautiful sunset photo was taken and I hope it gets posted. We couldnt cliff jump due to high seas. The third stop at Jennys I bought a brownie which had no punch to it. I ate 1\4 that night and the rest pool side the next day with no effect.

I didnt do the catamaran trip on Tuesday. Pastafari night only had mediocre attendance, most likely due to it being lobster night. I came to battle of the sexes with everything from condoms to q-tips in my pockets but to no avail as it has been changed to an activity contest instead of a scavenger hunt. The men prevailed anyway. PJ night was fun as usual.

Wednesday was a no sun day except for 5 minutes in the morning so we couldnt get a free day. Thank god for the XXX gift exchange. It was a lot of fun and I almost pissed myself laughing. A few of the more memorable gifts were a towel wrapped gift that Rupe picked and a vibrating duck for Duck. The most popular gifts were A bondage ball, bondage sets and the vast assortment of very large Dildos. It would have been a shame to miss 2 hours of sun so I hope it is during the evening next year. I didnt go on the evening cat cruise.

Mr. Best body in motion on Thursday was a lot of fun and congratz to the winners. The talent show was absolutely awesome with a great WWW turnout and a special guest . There were also many great togas that night. I know that a lot of vets want toga night changed to something else but I really enjoyed it again.

Friday was fun with naked twister in the afternoon. A couple of naughty women tried to distract me so that another woman could win but they did not succeed. The circus show was ok. The newly hung sex swing at the beach was enjoyed by all. Midnight buffet was served at the prude beach grill and a word of advice, dont sit at one end of the picnic table because when the people at the other end get up it becomes a catapult.

Saturday brought the end to a great trip. I met lots of great new friends and I cant wait until next year. It was a beautiful sunny day and with three bus loads of us leaving together the party continued all the way to Margaritaville. I hope to see everyone next year for the best WWW ever.