Gary & Georgette - December 2003 Wet, Wild, and Wicked

This was our second trip with the WWW group.  We went on the summer trip and had so much fun we had to go again.  See for that trip report.
It's hard to believe that your trips to Hedo can get better each time, but they do!  The people we've met on each trip make it so great, thanks everyone for such a wonderful vacation.  If it weren't for these great people helping us through our DIF this time around, we would be a wreck.
The Highlights
Air Jamaica beats USAir hands down!  Even if they are running late at times, the attitude makes all the difference in the world.
Went to the Rock House our first night there (first toga night) with a very cool couple that we'd just met that day.  That was so much fun and got our trip off to a great start.
Went on 5 day dives and one night dive.  Was so much fun and had great dive buddies.
The service was improved over the summer trip, especially at Munasan's.
Didn't get bumped this trip.
The piano bar was really rocking this trip.  Some very talented people and some not so talented that were able to make you laugh.
Everybody that made Gary's birthday party so great.  We were laughing so hard by the time dinner was over that my face hurt.
Denny's Pastafari night, thanks for keeping Georgette company while I was diving.
The gift exchange was great and hope to do that again next year! (this year?)
Flying Tim Air in and buzzing the nude beach with two of our new friends.
The great bus ride back to MBJ that just wouldn't let the party end.
The MMT was great, thanks Partymon for putting that together.
Meeting some of the more frequent posters from this board and seeing what they are REALLY like! :-)
Seeing old friends from our previous trips.  We can't wait to see you all again.
The great single guys that were on the trip.  Even if one of them wouldn't do piece by piece since it was his 'non-erotic' week.
The tin foil parade to the dining room.
The Lowlights
Georgette getting sick one day and missing all the fun at the hot tub that night.
Hmmm, seems that's the only one we can come up with.
We are certain we missed many more hightlights.  Thanks again everyone for making us feel so welcome.  Of course, the one person that we must thank for making all this happen is Denny.  Thanks!
Gary and Georgette