Robert & Barbara (WWW2000 Winter)

September 2000.Booked a carribean cruise

October 2000.Found Denny Ps web site, canceled cruise, booked WWW

November 2000.Bought fun stuff (glow sticks, purple toga material, 69 raft, penis

squirt gun, etc), made PJ costumes, read message board daily, chatted with new friends on the message boards, counted the days  

Saturday, December 9, 2000OFF TO HEDO!  

The flight to Mo Bay on Air Jamaica was very nice but too early to start drinking Red Stripes.  Once we landed in Mo Bay, we immediately had our first beer while waiting for our Tim Air flight.  Robert, our pilot, assured us that, even though we did not bring him a beer, he would get us to Hedo safely(the 2 seater plane was pretty much duct taped together yeek!).  16 minutes later, we were on the ground and headed for the resort.

It was great to get out of our taxi and see (the infamous blue eyed) Denny P in the lobby as well as Deb and Brian, who we had become friends with thru the WWW connection.   We had lunch, got our room (next door to Deb & Brian), unpacked, and by 3 pm, we were headed to the beach.   

Being Hedo II virgins, we had guess that it would take us about 2-3 hours to feel comfortable with the nude thing..yea right, we totally missed the acclimation period.I think we were laying out nude on the Point, talking to 5-6 nude people in about 2-3 MINUTES not hours..Funny how that happens at HEDO.  The magic was evident all around us and about an hour into our stay, a double rainbow appeared in the sky and then we watched the most incredible sunset.   

We ventured into the famous hot tub where  we met Kathleen and Alan, Lori and Curtis and a bunch of other WWWers.  Since it had been an early travel morning, we had a calm night and retired early.  


Robert and I actually got up early and played Tennis and then took a power walk. all the exercise over with!  Then we found the beach and floated all day, on our new 69 raft, meeting people.  The WWW welcome party at the disco was a great way to finally put faces with names.  Although, based on the number of comments about my chaps picture in the pre-WWW private album, people were probably trying to match my name with some other part of my anatomy!   Dinner at Pastafaris with Kathleen, Alan, and Clayton and Emily (Cant believe your trip from hell!) was fun.(Did we flash someone during a picture taking session??)   After dinner, we joined up with several WWWers and went to the piano bar where my penis squirt gun was highly popular.  Then it was off to the hot tub for a late night/morning.  By this time, we were good friends with Lori & Curtis (broken leg sympathy?), Ian & Karla (now, where are you guys from??), Debbie & Bernie (peach schnapps from the shot glass, squirt gun or Barbara??), Kuno & Nora (our heros for keeping the rumba going into their 60s and 70s), Deb & Brian (New parents escape to Hedo to sleep for a week!), Heather & Don (NY or Tenn??), Roland (career counseling at its best from Barbara), and many others you guys are all great fun!!  


Okayso we overdid it on Sunday.major hangover that we worked through on Monday.Still recovered enough to get to the beach grill by 11 am for French fries and bloody marys (Scumba saved us).  The wet t-shirt contest at 1:30 was a highlight!  Deb you are an inspiration for all new mothers!!  No one else could ever wet their t-shirt from the inside out like you could!  All the WWWers were great sports and we rooted them

all on!  We enjoyed a quiet dinner at Pastafaris with Ian and Karla and Denny and Diane that night and then got to bed before midnight.  


After I wrote things down for the first couple of days, I got lazy (Hedo magic) and now everything is somewhat of a blur.We did recover nicely from Mondays hangover and went snorkeling, won 3rd place at the PJ party for Funkiest couple (wanna bang my tom tom??)finally got our WWW tattoosfloated daily on our rafts in the floatilla with our new friends went on the WWW Catamaran ride survived a migraine headache but missed glow night. watched Robert jump over the 40 foot cliff and the rope swing (Hedo knows no age limits) helped Ian find his underwater room/safe keyswatched the 2 sets of sex athletes/energizer bunnies go at it from all angles non-stop all week (who were those people & where can we buy their porn videos??) drank endless amounts of rum, vodka, scotch, beer, (okay, easier to list what we didnt drink gin). got addicted to Roberts French fries and grilled ham/cheese sandwiches and the jerk chicken.  took more naps (did we sleep?) than we have in years. totally forgot the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season at home., and overall, had an incredible time at Hedo with the WWW group and all of our new friends!!   

Overall remarks:  

Dont go to Hedo II for the food, the drinks, (both begin to all taste the same after the 3rd or 4th day) or the accommodations.  Go for the attitude and the magic of it all.  We have never experienced a resort where everyone (nude side) was automatically your friend!   

We cannot thank Denny enough for the amount of time he commits to making the WWW group a reality and for maintaining his web site.  And thanks to Diane for making everyone feel so comfortable the minute you sign up for WWW.  Both of you are truly wonderful people and have made a mark in many peoples lives (including the school children in Negril).  Until next year.

Robert & Barbara