Pete & Wanda (WWW2000 Winter)

Booboos (WWW2000 Winter)

AKA Pete & Wanda

Peter and I arrived at Hedo after a long 10 hour trip. Had to wait for about 1 hour for our room to be ready. I was pleased we didnt get bumped to another resort.

We met  Stacey, Keith , Denny and Diane within a few minutes of our arrival. After talking to them in Dennys site it was great to finally meet everyone.  

Stacey, Keith, Peter and I all went to Pastafaris with Denny and Diane. We felt honored to be invited to dinner with Denny and Diane. We had a great time getting to know each other better.  

Twice during the week Diane, Trudy and I sang in the piano bar. Denny told us we didnt suck; we were satisfied with that answer.  

Our routine went like this, got up just in time to be able to get some breakfast, before they cleaned it up. Went to the beach and commandeered one of the floating rafts. Our group would slowly gather there and relax for the morning.

 On several occasions we had front row seats at the sex bunnies show. One day a WWW couple decided to go out and copy the sex bunnies routine, same 69 raft, same position. Soon the WWW couple had new respect for the sex bunnies, they could go for hours.

 As soon as lunch was served we would wander in and get our fix of grilled cheese and fries with jerk sauce. (mental note, jerk sauce is only for food, do not apply it to sensitive areas of the body.)  I wont do it again Keith even if you beg me. LOL.

 Our group would scatter after lunch, some napping, some would move to the cool Jacuzzi.

 We tried to play volleyball as many days as possible. A lot of the time it turned into contact volleyball, once I even got peed on while going for the ball. I bet that doesnt happen on the prude side. LOL.  Most of us would stay around till the jerk chicken was served. There is nothing like being in Jamaica, sitting around the hot tub with 16 of your closest friends eating Jerk chicken.  

I entered the wet t-shirt contest, came in second. I had lots of WWW votes as I finished second.  

We went on the WWW catamaran cruise to Pickled Parrot.

Peter and Stacey both jumped off the cliff, glad they didnt hurt anything. Make sure you hold on to anything you value before u jump.

Toga night Trudy and I decided we would be a couple. The competition came down to us against Glow Bob and Maggie.

Well u guessed it Bob and Maggie were the winners. Maybe next year I will enter with Buddy. (My blow up gator.)  

The WWW bare as you dare night will be one we will all remember fondly. Keith and Stacey had brought Latex paint to wear for this night. Stacey was a little under the weather, so we had to help Keith apply his costume. We ended up painting him a green pair of shorts with blue dots in all the right places. He wore my captains hat to finish the look. As the paint dried his shorts got tighter and tighter. He had to keep adjusting things LOL. It was all fun till the time came to take his shorts off. A whole lot of oil and an hour later he was back in the pink. Im sure the maids were thrilled the next morning to see our room covered in green latex paint.  

One night we played volleyball in the prude pool (nude of course) and it was the guys against the girls. There was Keith, Denny, Bob (on his 55th trip to Hedo), Oli and Peter and for the girls there was me, Stacey, Lin, and another girl.  Off course the girls won. That was a really good time thanks to all who participated.  That was the same night that Diane took our pictures in the pool through the window in the disco.  Cant wait to see those Diane. (even if they dont turn out it was fun trying.)  

Our final day came and everyone was in a very good mood. In the afternoon we all ended up in our usual spot the cool Jacuzzi. This day was the best of them all. We had a constant flow of vodka slushs coming for several hours. It is good to try a new drink now and then. There was lots of conversation and laughing. At one point we had a conga line going in the Jacuzzi. It was a rather short line as the cool Jacuzzi is only so big, but it was rather cozy. Make sure you dont come in too low when Keith is getting in the cool Jacuzzi. It might make him nervous.

We left the next morning really early, as in being awake at 6 am. We woke up Keith and Stacey to say good-bye. Stacey was on the bus and ready to leave with us. It was very difficult saying good-bye to such terrific new friends.  After some farewell hugs and good-byes the bus pulled away and Stacey could go back to bed. Bob and Val joined us for our early departure and a nice quick trip home.  We slept on the bus (if you can believe that) and once on the plane, we pretty much slept all the way home too.

Id like to say thanks to all the special people we met and partied with all week.  You are all truly great friends and we look forward to seeing you again at Hedo next year and hopefully sometime during the next year.  You all know who you are: Keith and Stacey, Jay and Em, Bob and Val, Scott and Debbie, Oli and Lin, Les and Trudy, Jim and Lisa and off course Denny and Diane.  Thanks especially to you Denny for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for all of us to meet and become such great friends.  

Pete and Wanda