Maaagie - 12/00 (WWW2000 Winter)

My name is Maaagie and I am setting a new record for trip reports, this one is being sent to Denny before I even leave the beach.... I have such good friends that anything is now possible, even this....

It all started on Wednesday December the 6th, I couldn't believe how cold the luggage compartment on that 6:20AM flight out of Connecticut was, but my owners, Steve & Nancy, promised me lots of sun and fun. That's exactly what I got. I considered myself fortunate, it's not every beautiful single female that gets to spend a week with the WWW group at Hedo II. The American Airlines flight through Miami was smooth. The Tim Air flight from MoBay to Negril was quick. I understand that the bus ride is about 2 hours & very bumpy so a 17-minute plane ride was wonderful alternative. After adjusting to jet lag for a couple of days I was finally unpacked and brought down to the watersports shack on Sunday where I was quickly taken care of by Noels' gentle touch. Once Noel was done with me we were off to the Nude side of the beach. First stop Delroy's for a drink & Robert's grill for some of those famous fries. Next stop is the hot tub. My first experience at public nudity, I was very shy at first but quickly was able to adjust. There must have been 50 people in that hot tub!

On Monday, day 2 of my ventures there was to be a wet-t-shirt contest. Aunt Edie was entered and my maama (Nancy) allowed me to go with Edie for my "prude side" debut. Aunt Edie escorted me out in front of the screaming crowd.... My knees started to quiver. Soon we were dancing & I realized that I was born to rock! Aunt Edie sat me on the floor and jumped on my back. My first thought was Edie needs to diet!!!! Finally she got off me & I again started to enjoy the competition.
Uncle Jim licking caramel sauce off of Jean, I was so jealous! They asked Aunt Lisa to perform a lap dance and she picked Denny. They should have allowed me to dance I know I dance better than Lisa does. Too soon it was over & the crowd went wild, I just knew this was not to be my last competition. We didn't get any booze (but hey the booze is free at Hedo) and that hussy Edie took all our Hedo bucks! Oh well I was left with wonderful memories and only a slightly sore back. After the competition the WWW group went off on their own adventures, they called it a Magical Mystery Tour and since no one would tell me what it was about I decided to stay at the resort & rest up for more adventures.

Most of the folks I met were real nice and sociable but a few were a little strange. There was Mr. Cock Ring, trolling the beach, I hid every time he was around and the couple that was acting like rabbits, not the inflatable type that I have met before. They were on the side of the hot tub, off on the grass, on the beach, on the floats & even on stage at the PJ Party.... By the end of the week we nicknamed them the "energizer bunnies" they just kept going & going & going, anywhere and everywhere. They got mad at us at the PJ party because CT Bob & I were dancing in front of them and stole their show. I had met CT Bob at my first Bob sighting and decided he was to be my date for PJ night. I was with Aunt Edie and Uncle Jerry when the Bob sighting occurred. He was a strange looking guy with long hair & tattoos but I knew right away that he had a good heart.

I readily accepted Aunt Edie's & Uncle Jerrys suggestions as they helped me dress for the night of my life, a date with Bob. They suggested leather, but what? I tried on Edies' hot pants but no they just didn't have the look I wanted. This was my first PJ party and it had to be a memorable experience for my date & me. I settled on the black leather collar with the studs. I looked & felt HOT. Edie & Jerry took me to cousin Denny & Diane's room where we had social intercourse and Denny gave me my first tattoo. He has such gentle hands. (sigh) Then.... There he was, my date for the night, CT Bob. God he looked sexy, Santa hat & beard, masculinity adorned with Christmas tree lights. He gave me kiss on my muzzle ...ooooh. This would be the night of my life, I said.

Friends and relatives, all WWW members were ready to party! Off we went, me tucked into CT Bob's shorts, supported by his warm and gentle hands. At the disco we danced all night long. I liked the slow dances but when CT Bob took me on stage in front of the crowd I was in heaven. The energizer bunnies were also there but their act soon was ignored and all eyes were on CT Bob & me. Aunt Edie talked to the Hedo judges to have Bob & I entered into the best couple but it was too late for us. In true family tradition Edie & Jerry did win best bondage couple. We won Hedo bucks anyway along with Santa Rupe and a few other WWW people just because we deserved them. After the party I wanted to go back to CT Bobs room for the night and my owners reluctantly said OK but be safe. I suggested to Bob we retire early, he was eager, eager beaver you could say but sadly he said we would have to postpone, It seems Bob had a roommate. Bob is so caring he said the nights we share must be shared only by us. His roommate may not understand. Sadly I agreed with Bob & spent the night with Edie & Jerry. I could hardly sleep that night, I was so keyed up, so far this trip was awesome!

One of the other things that happened to me that will forever be in my erotic dreams is the WWW Group Catamaran cruise. I was now an official member of the WWW and was included on the sunset cruise to the Pickled Parrot. On the boat I was introduced to Uncle Tex and Aunt Julie. Oh my! They do make things bigger in Texas! I was sitting on the front of the boat content to soak up the rays, I felt CT Bob's eyes on me and I was feeling a little frisky for new adventures. Uncle Tex caught my eye and saw I was looking at Bob. Grabbing a piece of rope, Uncle Tex told CT Bob to watch this, suddenly, Uncle Tex grabbed me an threw me on my back, with strong hands he took one leg and wrapped a loop around it, he then grabbed two other legs and - once - twice- three wraps around my legs and threw his hands in the air! Oh me! A new rodeo experience. He looked at CT Bob and smiled wickedly. Then he & Aunt Julie proceeded to ply me with those wonderful jello shots. All I could do was lie there and dream of cattle all around me. "MOO MOO BUCKEROO!" I am defiantly looking forward to my trip to Texas!
Thursday day was spent sleeping... those jello shots did me in but I had been promised to be able to join the WWW group for toga night.

On Thursday night it was toga night & I was introduced to a strange but handsome alien named Alex he was out of this world. He was with "his" couple, Jim & Lisa from Montana? Or was it Colorado? Maybe they said Wyoming or Arizona? I heard them tell someone they were from New Jersey but there are not too many places in New Jersey for a UFO to land. Perhaps they too got off the UFO with Alex. Anyway Alex, Jim & Lisa were all dressed up in matching purple togas when they arrived at the toga party. Uncle Rupe relinquished his feathered mask to Alex so he too had a little Mardi-Gras theme.

At this point Alex would like to tell his version...

"So there I was, after traveling mega-quartuniums across the universe... at Hedo. With my new "owners" (kind of like a dog has owners, if you know what I mean...) Naturally, I was very nervous visiting a different galaxy but I heard that all bodies are accepted and loved at Hedo. Alas, it wasn't to be! I was dressed to kill for the infamous toga party... hoping to meet a hot baaaabe.

When I first saw her, my temperature soared...and my thulong (an alien sex organ) began to quiver. There she was, all black, a red ribbon in her hair and this sexy purple toga covering her tush. She was with great people. We had an evening made in heaven, on the table at first, then in a quiet corner on the floor... then right up on the center stage! It was awesome! But that's when it happened. This guy named Bob showed up and "snatched" my Maaagie right from my arms. They won 1st place in the toga contest, an honor that surely should have been Maaagie's & mine! I will always remember that night and wonder what might have been. I hope to return next year to the WWW week with tattoos all over my body (just like CT Bob's) in hopes of meeting and KEEPING the Baaabe of my dreams."

As told by Alex the Alien.

Well Alex's version is only slightly different than mine...

We did have dinner together & go center stage but I just had to dance with CT Bob again, he was still there looking hot as ever. When the toga parade started I baaaed CT Bob to take me with him.... We deserved another chance to win a best couple competition. Off I went to CT Bob and this time we were in.... The crowd loved us, the Hedo entertainment staff tried to disqualify us but popular vote prevailed... Thankfully there were no Floridians in the crowd or we would still be waiting for a decision. You guessed it, we won. The second place couple, two very sexy young ladies gracefully conceded even before the vote. They too saw CT Bob & I as a force to be dealt with.

There was one place I didn't get to go with my WWW family that was PastaFaris. From the stories I heard it was fun for everyone but the waiters. (Although they got some good laughs too) It was too fancy a restaurant for a sheep and I had no shoes or a collared shirt with me either. I was told that everyone had a great time and it is rumored that desserts are the best if they don't run out and then they offer a wonderful kumtwat tart. (Or so Elaine says) I really don't know what a tart is, but it must be a great delicacy because everyone was raving over it. I wasn't formally introduced to Bernie & Elaine but I did catch Bernie looking at me out of the corner of his eye, I did not return his lustful stare because I am totally devoted to CT Bob.
Rupe also tried to "steal " my heart one night in the hot tub... he offered to take me for a spin on his float. I did accept his offer to ride around with him but I ditched him as soon as CT Bob arrived. Rupe made me very nervous, his reputation preceded our introduction. I hear that he won "Mr. Nude Beach" and also everyone referred to as "One Towel Rupe"... I could not get an explanation for that one but I know he and Patty had at least 3 bags when they arrived at Hedo so he must have packed SOME clothing.

Well I only have one day left at Hedo so I'm off to Delroys and then the beach to soak up some rays. My parents, Steve & Nancy allowed me to stay behind, they just left to go back to CT (I hear it is cold, wet & winter up there) I am going to warm sunny California with Aunt Edie & Uncle Jerry. From there I will attempt to journey across country, making many stops along the way to visit my new WWW family & friends. I want to catch Dave & Marybeth to say good bye, even if they did not invite me to the renewal of their wedding vows they are real nice & I hope to get to know them better next year. Leaving today as well is Bernie, Elaine, Patty & Rupe. I wonder if it will be quiet enough for Edie, Jerry, Tex, Julie and Jim & Lisa to take me to PastaFaris tonight for dinner.... GEE if we go BEFORE Denny's group we might even get dessert...

Bye, see you all next WWW trip.