Les & Trudy (WWW2000 Winter)

After numerous chats with Pete and Wanda about returning to Hedo II, we finally decided to go with the WWW Group in December. A Good Decision!!!

Our arrival was pretty uneventful, and by the time we were settled in our room, it was dinner time. We didn't know where to find Pete and Wanda; so we proceeded to dinner alone. I am not sure how Les met Olie and Linda; but we had a very enjoyable dinner together, discovering that Les and Olie had many common interests.

Later that evening, we finally met up with Pete and Wanda, Denny & Dianne and Stacey & Keith. We spent the evening at the piano bar, which was entertaining as usual, and then on to dancing at the disco.

Our days pretty much followed a similar pattern, usually getting up in time for the remains of breakfast and then heading to the beach to sun on one of the rafts. Our group usually consisting of Pete & Wanda, Stacey & Keith, Olie & Linda, Bob & Val and Les and myself. It was always interesting on the raft; because there were always things going on all around you. Be it the regular tours from the neighboring resorts, duly saluted by many of the Hedo patrons, or the energizer bunny couple up to their endless maneuvers.

We usually proceeded to get some yummy sandwiches and fries for lunch and then spent the afternoon cooling off in the cool Jacuzzi tub slurping the designated drink for the day, and trying to avoid a particular gentleman with a ring (well you know where)!

The evenings were always a lot of fun. We generally congregated at Pete & Wanda's room to ensure that we were all appropriately dressed for that night's theme, and if something was missing from your outfit, Wanda was sure to have just the right thing. Wanda, Val and I certainly enjoyed painting a pair of shorts & suspenders on Keith for the Bare as You Dare Night; and I think Bob & Pete rather enjoyed watching us do the painting also. I'm not sure how the cleaning staff appreciated the mess we left.

After dinner, it was generally off to the Veronica's and then to the Disco to dance the night away, and usually ending the evening at the hot tub.

The best part of our trip was all the great people we met and enjoyed good times with. Stacey & Keith, Olie & Linda, Bob & Val, Denny & Dianne, Lisa & Jim and Jay & Em, to name a few. We truly enjoyed meeting all of you and thank you for making our vacation a memorable one. I hope we are able to keep in touch. Special thanks to Pete & Wanda for suggesting this trip and for introducing us to all of their chat room buds, and to Denny & Dianne for making it all possible.

Trudy & Les