Shaun & Sherry - 07/00 (WWW2000 Summer)

The Hedo Mantra
Some writings by Shaun.....
The bags are packed and we're ready to go,
     where else on earth but our own little hedo
A magical place with stories and fantasies to share,
     where new and old will be there
We hit the front desk with white skin hidden,
     anticipating the party that is just forbidden
The pace has slowed as there is no problem mon
     and scan the lobby as some brown bodies are soon gone
The rooms are old and painted as such,
     but the new air roars with a small fingers touch
There is a rush to unpack and find some lotion,
     for now is the time to fulfill our hedonistic devotion
>From prude to nude our senses are heightened,
     for now we head to the pool and the already enlightened
As we stroll the beach we hear laughter and games,
     and as we pass there are friends remembering our names
We come upon one, we come upon two,
     knowing full well soon we will know all of you
Scumba, Delroy and crew start the party out right,
     but the first drink is soon warm with our friends all in sight
The sights are pleasing and varied and some even mild,
     but all have let there inhibitions go wild
Soon will come the Toga's, the wet T-shirts and the PJ's,
     as for now we're all happy in our birthdays
The days pass with the greatest of ease,
     chocolate syrup, pudding, dildos and body shots.....whatever you
The rains come and the suns go down,
     bringing nightlife and party goers from throughout the ground
Midnight passes and soon we'll be tired,
     for today brings another chance to feel expired
As the days roll by from where we all started,
     sadness sets in as some will soon be parted
The lore of the island has entrapped a few more,
     but now is the time for souvenirs and the exit door
They line up along the pool in cloth and sneaker,
     shedding a tear and a smile before a flight outa here
The party goes on though your friends are amiss,
     but waiting for you next year will be another sweet, sweet kiss

Shaun & Sherry