Brett & Ellie - 07/00 (WWW2000 Summer)

Hi Denny here is our trip report

Brett and Ellie's Trip Report      


Let me give you some background-my husband Brett and I went to Hedo for the first time last Dec. and by some great stroke of luck and totally by accident we ended up spending several days with the WWW group.  With apprehension we went to the Nude side and I saw a woman performing cunnilingus on a female blow-up doll......nothing could shock us after that!       

Upon our return, DIF set in very quickly so we booked the July 2000 WWW trip right away. So with great anticipation, we embarked on our second Hedo trip and I might add some trepidation on Brett's part, as he says, "I can resist anything but temptation itself....."


Friday July 7

Went to Raleigh Durham airport and spent the night in our RV (can you say redneck?) so we could catch the early flight to Miami.


Saturday July 8

No problems with our flight and in fact, got into MoBay a bit early. (Sorry Denny and the Chicago folks).   Unfortunately, Brett had forgotten his cigarettes which made for a panicky moment. To the enjoyment of all, he eventually got his carton and returned to normalcy.  

We flew to Negril last year but decided to risk the bus ride this time. I had heard so many horror stories that it ended up being a piece of cake, in fact, I was surprised how quickly we got there......WELCOME HOME MON... we did not even ask if our room was ready. I offered to the woman that we would just come back for our key whenever and she looked relieved as it was crazy for them trying to check in all the WWWers. We hit the nude beach within 5 minutes of arrival and immediately started drinking rum punch in our big mugs that we were instructed to bring----OUCH it only took 3 to send me off to bed for the evening....what a wimp! I certainly made up for it throughout the week. I should add that as soon as we hit the beach I finally got to meet Denny "in the flesh". What a gentleman!



Sunday July 9

Now the party can begin. We awoke to our daily routine of omelets-the best anywhere!! Huge breakfast with fruit and tons of coffee.  Right to the nude beach for our usual activities including relaxing. That afternoon (I think)-could have been Monday actually-we attacked the prude side with the WWWers and

water balloons- invading their non-nekid state.....why are those people there anyway?

Welcome party that afternoon-great shrimp! Finally met my hero Smiling (yes, you are still my hero) and other "famous" people of the message boards.  Ok, this is what a geek I am….I fell in love with Dave the piano man last year so I got to the piano bar over an hour early waiting for him-fortunately there was a nice couple from England who kept me entertained and he was such a gentleman to keep my wine glass full. When big Dave sang Big Bamboo I just screamed-how embarrassing but I do love that song. He is actually a dear man and he could not believe I remembered how many children he has and their ages. For me, he is one of the highlights of Hedo and who cares about the water leak in the ceiling-just don’t wear silkJThen I think this was a late night in the hot tub but I am not sure.


Monday July 10

Snorkeled in the morning and realized there are some beautiful fish just off the jetty-of course this is how I ended up at the beach later in the day.

I think this is when Brett hooked up with Boomer and that big black thing that he kept in his mouth (I know Diane, that does sound funny:). Steph was one of the highlights of the day and kept me entertained-she is a gem!! This was also one of the water gun days and Brett had his ass shot by Wendy which he loved! She also performed a table dance in the pool which was fun for all. We stayed there until well after the jerk chicken was gone and the water treatment had begun. That is when we met Tom and Debbie-what a wonderful couple! Later at Veronica’s, Brett tore the place up with karaoke and his rendition of Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.  I think this is the night we met Alan and Eileen (it could of been Tues) but at any rate they kindly invited us to sit at their table and celebrate her birthday. We also met Mike and Maurya this evening and they proceeded to be our buddies throughout the remainder of the trip.  See Smiling’s report for the antics out in front of Veronica’s! Then we danced the night away in the disco. (Thanks Tom!) A couple of the locals started flirting with me (Brett had gone to bed by now). When I reminded them that I was old enough to be their mother they get bugging me so no harm......




Tues July 11

The usual fare-nothing stands out for the day except watching the guys play volleyball. PJ night-Brett was embarrassed that we wore our nighties to dinner and there were not more people wearing them. Of course, that changed later at the disco. This was our early recoup night… we could be ready for…….


Wednesday July 12

Big day in the pool. Since we re rested the rum flowed easily during the day. I was afraid I might get seasick on the cat cruise so I proceeded to catch a rum buzz-little did I know the cruise would be smooth as glass despite the rainstorm. We stopped at the Pickled Parrot (Keep in mind this is the first time I have actually ventured away from the resort since the Hedo sand gravity is so strong.) I brought my own snorkel equipment (recommended) and had a nirvana experience snorkeling in the caves. This is when Brett put on Smiling’s thong so he could jump of the rope swing-what a sight-next year I will have one of those waterproof cameras. Hung out with Tom and Deb who were my saving grace that day-enough said but there was an incident that almost ruined my trip (not to worry newbies). Suffice it to say I was very mad at Brett (I could have left that out but this is a thorough trip report and no it was not because he got in late :}), Went to Veronica’s because I knew Bamboo Dave could cheer me up. That is when I met Mike and Marian and their friend Debbie. They made me feel so much better-THANKS FOR THE CHEERING UP GUYS!  We all sang at the top of our lungs -(oh yea how could I have not mentioned them yet!-Al and Jenny - you guys sang so well and could not have picked better songs. Ps you were wonderful breakfast company too! (So this is a little out of order-sorry!) And Denny what a beautiful voice you have!!! Ps thanks for the glow thingy!


Thursday July 13

Quiet morning-thought that was about it for excitement-thought my fun ticket had run out-that is the thing about Hedo-the impromptu fun and company. We had a nice afternoon with Mike and Maurya-they were terrific volleyball players-he has such a kind soul. We then retired to prepare for the Toga party. I had actually prepared for this event-I could not explain to the saleslady at the clothing outlet why I needed 10 yards of purple material! I devised an outfit with the sheet and Brett (on Stephanie’s instruction) took some purple flowers from around the hot tub to adorn me with a crown. Brett performed in the talent show and the other folks did great-especially Wilson you professional you.  I was thinking about leaving because I felt kinda “pooky” as we call it in my family-so we did not partake in the conga line. In fact we were getting ready to leave when the awards started and I said let’s just wait a few more minutes-famous last words since we made it back to the room just about in time to get ready for the bus trip Friday morning!!  Time to loose the toga and dancing I went. Mike (the boat captain) was a gentleman and saved me from some of the locals who were bugging me. This was the first time I saw one of Smiling’s window dances  WOW!

We were detained there so we missed Tom and Deb (please find this trip report!) at the hot tub. There Mike offered me a job on “his boat” and Marian was simply fun to watch. We showered in the grotto waterfall and I kept that chlorine on me for another day!


Friday July14

 Back to the room just in time to finish packing-I did a poor job because when we arrived at MoBay, my purple toga was hanging out of my suitcase because we were too hammered to zip the suitcase all the way-true class, huh?

Yea the bus ride was okay because I lay down and slept the whole way to the airport. Those Grand Lido people must have thought I was a bum! No problem flying home except the two-hour delay on the runway in Miami…DIF raring its ugly head.


In summary:

  • New friends




  • Warm sand and sun




  • Freedom to act like a child



Relive the wonderful moments with friends secondary to the generosity of Denny and this web site………….SOON COME HOME MON

Irie, Brett and Ellie