Mikey's WWW1998 Mini-Reunion Report 8/98

Nude Cruise, it was an overwhelming success. The crowd was almost to  maximum capacity, with folks from distance cities, even Omaha, Nebraska. Drinks, food and entertainment was provided by Captain Mikey and his first mate Linda aboard a our Maxum Cabin Cruiser. All rules and regulations were strictly adhered too and the Captain takes the blame for not excluding fruit along with the vegetables.. OK, WHO brought the Banana. Does anyone know? Jessica do you know?

The Nude Tubing edged "The Foot Fetish Event" by a narrow margin as the favorite sport of the cruise. Nipple pinching and fantasy story telling   placed 3rd and 4th respectively. Excursions to the beach were postponed due to the "Bennies" and "Jennies' (Vinnies with boats and Jet Ski's) One Bennie followed the "Nude Cruise" nearly to port but passed us when Captain Mikey invoked "Condition Prude" at the no-wake zone. Some "Bennies" put big letters on their boats and using the combined knowledge of the crew and shipmates of cryptography, we broke one code "SST" decaled on the port side of a "Bennie Boat". SST = "SEX STARVED and sTUPID."

I watched the precipitants with glee as they bobbed about the Potomac river during the "Nude Tube Ride" with our Nations Capital in the distant background. (Lance this ones for you): They "hung on" for dear life as they rode the waves with that perplexed look on their smiling faces. As  Sharon jumped into the orange tub first "Buck Naked" except for the
life vest, she complained that her chest no longer looked like a "mine field".

She started out with her legs straight in the air lying on her back as the boat pulled this 36" tube through the water. As the ride propelled her "on top" of those Potomac waves her facial expression changed dramatically. The crew and "Nude Cruise" passengers read her lips and determined from the distance she was saying "Oh Shit!, Oh Shit!. After the ride of her life ( I believe it because she told me so) she stated that she had never felt so refreshingly clean both inside and out. Captains Note : She was warned.

Denny's big blue eyes (even from 50 feet away) were big as racquet balls. I told him to keep his most essential private parts from contact with the water at all times. At speeds in excess of 13 knots can cause extreme pain. May this is why his big blue eyes (even from 50 feet away) were big as racquet balls.

The "Foot Fetish Event" was held on the main deck on the aft seat. The Captain has invoked the " Don't ask, Don't tell" Presidential Executive order for this event. The results of this event were sealed by the passengers and crew of "Nude Cruise I"

The first annual "Nude Cruise" Fantasy Story telling, First place prize goes to... Denny. He never admitted anything ever happened ...ever.The passengers rumored they overheard him mumble something about invoking the fourth amendment. The Captain refused to appoint an independent counsel invoking the fifth amendment.

I have renamed my boat "Wet, Wild, & Wicked", in honor of the first annual "NUDE CRUISE".