Ken and Pam's Trip Report


 Since getting back, Pam and I have tried to recall most of the things we did in order to try and write this trip report. We were able to remember the things we did, just not the days we did them so be advised..... The trip both there and back was perfect. No delays, good food and lots to drink. (Air Jamaica is fantastic) On the way to Hedo, we were very excited about meeting all of the people we had been e-mailing via Denny's board. (Thanks Denny). We arrived, got checked in (easy as pie) and then went to the room. We showered and changed, then headed out to look at all of the changes Hedo had made to the pool area. We had only been out of the room a few minutes when we started seeing people we had been talking to via e-mail. A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE! By the end of the first day, we had met 14 couples and trying to remember all of the names almost drove me to drink. (Ok.... so it doesn't take much to make me drink). By the end of the first night we were beat and already looking forward to the great Hedo breakfast in the morning. The next 7 days all run together and so I will simply touch the highlights. This was our second trip to Hedo and while we had a wonderful time on our first trip, we didn't do a couple of things we wanted...parasail...kayaking. This time we did.....Wow, was it fun! Pam smiled for an hour after the parasailing. The nude pool and hot tub were great. We hung out there often and had some really great times laughing and drinking with all of our new friends. The beach was about what I had remembered it to and the greatest place on earth for just floating around expending only the energy it took to paddle here and there...oh and to raise my cup to drink. The disco was fun and not as hot as I thought it would be...I must say that there are a great many people from the WWW group that really know how to boogie. (Both on and off the dance floor) The food was fantastic. There were a couple of meals that left something to be desired, but all in all, it was great. Pastafaries food was very good. Pam and I had a very romantic dinner there and well......let's just say that was a really good night. The staff at Hedo this time was different than last, but they were wonderful. Suzette, Iladio,Conroy and all the rest of them made our trip very fun and were always there to help when needed. Ok, I have talked about almost everything basic, so now I want to touch on some of the more personal aspects of our group. I have never in my entire life met so many wonderful people all at once. I won't even think about trying to name everyone, but we miss each and every one of you. It didn't matter if we talked to you for a couple of minutes or constantly over the 7 days....we enjoyed meeting everyone. It is strange don't you think....I mean, when you go to Hedo, you see just how good life is supposed to be....then you have to leave. That's ok, we have our memories and we will be back.(in July) I do want to say I am proud of all those people who got nude for the first time(Yea!!!!) ahhh...who am I kidding, I was proud to even get up some mornings. I am going to stop writing now as I am becoming too sentimental and am already having a hard time putting Hedo out of my mind. I know we all have our own lives that will move on but Pam and I want all of you to know that you will remain in our Hedo Hearts until we see you again. Ken and Pam