What is Wet Wild and Wicked (WWW)?

In July of 1998 several people traveling to Hedonism II at the same time and who were posted on the visitors page on this web site got together prior to the trip through email and AOL's Instant Messenger. There were about a dozen people who became "cyberfriends."

While at Hedonism II we all became instant real friends. At Hedo, several more people who were familiar with this web site also came forward and joined the growing circle of friends. We enjoyed the Hedonism II activities together and shared a lot among ourselves. Many of us have become very close friends outside of Hedonism II and have continued visiting one another since that trip.

At the end of the week, we all thought it would be great if we could get together in 1999 about the same time. We realized that not everyone would probably make it, but we wanted to experience our togetherness once again. I volunteered to check into getting a group discount since I thought we might get at least couple of dozen people. I also decided to invite others to share in the friendship, fun and foolishness we enjoyed. Making new friends is always a good thing. I also came up with the "Wet, Wild, and Wicked" name as a way of identifying us.

As they say, "the rest is history"! It has taken on a life of its own.

We were almost 100 strong for the WWW1999 Summer trip. We had veterans and rookies from all over the country. Our ages ranged from the 20s to 50+. We were singles and couples. We were diverse in the activities we enjoy. Vegging out, SCUBA, snorkeling, volleyball, dancing, piano bar, drinking, chatting, and lots more are the activities you'll find us at. Many took advantage of Hedonism's sensual, sexual, and sometimes erotic side. The common bonds we have are that we enjoy having fun, kicking back, letting the kids in us come out and play, and meeting people.

I also set up additional activities and fun events with the help of other WWWers. For the WWW1999 Summer trip, I chartered the catamaran for a private, 3-hour sunset cruise. We also developed a WWW logo. That logo has been put on some temporary tattoos that were passed out at Hedonism II. It's also available to be put on various items of clothing and other items. Several WWWers helped plan other activities, games, and events. We also have a separate list of WWW guests with some biographical information and in some cases pictures. We have our own message board on this web site. We also get together quite often in my chat room about 9 PM central time.

On recent trips we've brought gifts to be donated to the children of the area. We now have 2 private catamaran trips along with a private welcoming party with food and drink. New activities are being added with each trip. (Updated: 9/03/18 - we are now doing the regularly scheduled catamaran trips.)

We are now expanding to other resorts like Hedonism III and the Desire resorts in Mexico. There could be trips to other locations, too. Be sure to sign up on my mailing list to be notified of new trips. (Updated: 9/03/18 - we are now doing only Hedonism II trips with pre-group nights at Grand Lido Negril on some trips.)

Should you care to join us, just check out the trips listed on the WWW main page. Dates and other information are shown. We will probably continue doing July and December trips to Hedonism II. You can choose to extend your stay on either side of the WWW weeks or only go for 4-6 days if that's what your schedule allows. (Updated: 9/03/18 - we are now doing Hedonism II trips in February, June, and December.)

To get a price quote or make a reservation, go to the request quote page.

There are numerous WWW trip reports available along with some pictures. Check them out!

Once you've decided you might want to join us, go ahead and reserve your room. All it takes is a small deposit that is fully refundable up to 60 days prior to the trip. Then register for WWW through the appropriate WWW web page. There is no cost or obligation for this. It will get you published on the WWW list so that you can start getting to know your fellow travelers. Keep in mind that the WWW registration is separate from registering on the Visitor Schedule page. You have to be on the WWW list to be considered registered for WWW.

Please email me if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon on a future Wet, Wild, and Wicked trip.