Message Board Information Summary

To just read the postings on the message board, you do not need to register. But to post your own topic or reply to another topic, you must first register. To do so, just click on the Register link found on the message board pages. When you register, make sure you enter a valid email address that will actually receive email. If you have a spam filter intercepting messages, you will need to set up your filter to accept email from the domain. Otherwise you won't receive your password. If you are an AOL user, make sure your email account will accept email from non-AOL users. Once logged in, you can use the profile link to change the password to whatever you desire. If you ever can't remember your login information, use the Lost Password link on the login page to have your access information emailed to you. If you ever change email addresses, be sure to change the address in your message board profile.

Be sure to read the message board rules that are displayed when you register. Failure to abide by the rules can result in your postings being deleted. Repeated infractions will cause suspension of your account.

Be sure to read the descriptions of each message board forum. Post only topics related to that forum. Do not use the message boards to locate other travelers. Use the visitor schedule pages for that function.