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DennyP's Den - Chat Rooms

  • Private Chat  (password protected for the WWW2018 December Hedonism II group use only)

  • NOTE: If using the Microsoft Edge browser on a desktop PC you may encounter a 401 error when clicking on the link above. Until Microsoft fixes this problem, there are two workarounds (other than using a different browser).

    • Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the Edge window then click on "Open Internet Explorer".

    • Access the private album for the same WWW trip using Edge, then come back to the chat room with Edge.

  • NOTE 2: If you are using Windows Chrome and encounter problems with submitting a message in the chat room, try another brower. Some Windows Chrome users have reported a problem and switching browsers seems to rectify it. If you are on Windows Chrome and it does work fine for you, please email me and let me know. That will help me troubleshoot the problem.

The free software I am using for the chat room doesn't appear to be supported any more. I am searching for another option that is free. The secret Facebook can also be used for chatting, but not everyone uses Facebook.


Private Chat  testing only - not operational