We just returned last night from a split week starting with Hedo 3 and ending with Hedo 2. We spoke personally with Lance Parrish immediately following the employee announcement and our understanding of the situation is pretty much as has been written on other threads on this board. Hedonism 3 as it now is configured as a resort will come to an end. As stated above, children age 16 and up will be welcome. Nudity will only be allowed at the nude pool and closely controlled. The "Quad" will be a "clothed" area, not clothing optional. No nudity will be allowed anyhere else on the resort. All of the employees will be retrained to understand the new theme of "SuperFun Resort".

Consequently, we have made a decision to move the Jamaican Waterslide Team (JWST) to Hedonism II for our annual meeting, September 11 to 18, 2010. Many of our members have already rebooked and are excited about the change. After 10 years at the same resort many were ready for a change anyway. Kevin Levee has welcomed us with open arms as he is well familiar with our group. He has been hosting us since our inception at Hedo 3 in 2000. We have been through a lot of great fun times with him at the helm, and some not so fun as well as well, such as the 9/11 disaster and Hurricane Ivan, which both occurred while we were at the resort. Kevin's hospitality has always been extremely professional and it will continue to be a pleasure to work with him to make the future JWST trips successful.

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Sunset Bill and Miss Nancy
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