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Posted By: DennyP Jam Air Express Airline - 06/14/2019 06:08 PM
I received word of a new intra-island airline starting scheduled service on June 20 from MoBay to Negril on June 20th. The only details I have at the moment can be found here. We've asked for additional information, twice, and have not received any reply yet. Information such as number of passengers, method of reservations, baggage limits and more has been requested. As soon as I get more information I will post it on my web site and mention it here.

They are also planning on a MoBay - Tinson Pen (Kingston small airport) route soon.
Posted By: HedoDiveMstr Re: Jam Air Express Airline - 06/20/2019 06:30 AM
So now there are 3 service providers to Negril: Tim Air (charter), Airlink Express (scheduled and charter [former IntlAirLink]) and the new Jam Air Express (scheduled only).
Posted By: DennyP Re: Jam Air Express Airline - 07/02/2019 06:17 PM
I've posted more information about JamAir here.
Posted By: HedoDiveMstr Re: Jam Air Express Airline - 08/31/2019 04:20 AM
The Observer ran a story on the emerging airline:

I think they are expanding too fast. Today, there are 10 arrivals from Negril to MBJ and 4 arrivals from the Kingston Aerodrome.
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