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Posted By: tbonebeepy Atmosphere comparison: April to October - 12/27/2015 06:47 PM
Wondering what the weather, guest / group occupancy percentage, and activity level are like in late October and early November... We've visited numerous times in mid-April (ButtCrack and Biff's), and have always enjoyed the crowd, weather (overwhelming majority of sun with an hour of afternoon rain), and general resort atmosphere. We don't mind groups being present when we're there (providing they're inclusive). Our schedule does not allow us to return this coming April, so we're now considering October or November '16 (post- hurricane and humid summer months). Any advice or direction is appreciated (thanks in advance)! Jill/Brett
Posted By: Roy in VA Re: Atmosphere comparison: April to October - 12/27/2015 07:06 PM
I consider October and at least early November as part of the hurricane season, but the later you go the less the risk (which is pretty small anyway!).

In our few fall trips occupancy was low in Sept and most of October and then ramped up quickly toward Halloween and Anniversary Week only to dip again for a while until later in December.

What has changed (occupancy-wise) since Hedo was our only destination is that there seems to be a group (or more) in house almost every week now. The vast majority of them are welcoming and inclusive. SO with a little research into the groups you might be able to find a friendly and lively crowd almost any time you decide to go even in the fall.
Have a great trip!
Posted By: HedoRick Re: Atmosphere comparison: April to October - 12/28/2015 11:04 PM
Occupancy in November is pretty full. There is a big group each week. The problem with groups is that they block out the resort so it is difficult to book with anyone but them and they have rules (like a minimum 5 day stay during their week).

Thanksgiving week is the ButtCrack week, so there will be a lot of familiar faces from April.

We have been trying to book Nov now since 12/18. So far no success since we are trying to go for 10 nights(down from 12 days). We just can't seem to find dates that fit all the rules.

Maybe nine nights next....funny way to run a business to not let someone buy your product. I've spent the last 24 Thanksgivings there. Maybe not this year.
Posted By: DennyP Re: Atmosphere comparison: April to October - 12/29/2015 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by HedoRick
they have rules (like a minimum 5 day stay during their week).
Keep in mind that the 5 night minimum rule is not a group rule but is a resort rule and only applies to group rates. You can stay less than 5 nights anytime there is availability but you can't get the group rates without the 5 nights. If you want the cheaper group rates, then you have to follow the resort's rules.

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