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Posted By: fun4scuba CVS covid test - 04/28/2021 05:17 PM
Has anyone used the CVS rapid test for their COVID test
Posted By: davew Re: CVS covid test - 05/06/2021 06:20 PM
Yes. we just got back and used the rapid test. Results in an hour or less.

I don't know about NC, but in MD Minute Clinic will not do the rapid test for travel. Filling out their form on line you have to answer yes you may have been exposed to someone.

We flew on SW out of BWI and airline didn't even ask about the test. They only wanted to see Jamaica Authorization form. No one asked at Immigration or Customs in Jamaica either. They wanted a copy at Hedo.
Posted By: koolio61 Re: CVS covid test - 05/10/2021 12:03 PM
Did the rapid test at CVS and had results in a couple of hours. Also had PCR test at Rite Aid and got back results in about 40 hours.

Delta check in agent at Atlanta airport would not accept Rapid test before checking us in. Insisted on PCR test. Had it so no issue. They wanted to see paperwork again at boarding. That agent accepted rapid test results. (plane was late so maybe he just wanted to get it boarded.)

Immigration and customs in Jamaica never asked to see any paperwork. Hedo asked for a copy and accepted the rapid test.
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