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Posted By: DennyP <><> MESSAGE BOARD MAINTENANCE <><> - 10/10/2020 05:25 PM
I am planning to upgrade the message board software on Sunday 10/11 at midnight EDT. It should only take about an hour or so during which access to the board will be unavailable.

This will complete the maintenance I started on 9/27.

The upgrade is mostly for internal changes. If there are any noticeable external changes, I will report on them on this topic.
Posted By: DennyP Re: <><> MESSAGE BOARD MAINTENANCE <><> - 10/12/2020 04:29 AM
I upgraded the message board software the evening of 10/11/20. The most noticeable new feature is a "Like" button on postings. You can use it to flag posts that you like - similar to Facebook. The button doesn't appear on your own posts.
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