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Original Post (Thread Starter)
Last Straw #146286 10/05/2021 11:50 PM
by repeatoffender4th
As I was reading another thread (the Trip Advisor one) I thought and was about to add to it with how this is becoming the last straw, but didn't want to hijack the thread. Sooo....

We are approaching our last straw now. Next year we have zero plans to go back, and who knows after that. The new charges for diving, the firing of long-time, well loved staff, staff being openly allowed to yell at us and continue to harass us as we tried to walk away and now the allowing of photography on the nude beach with no consequences.

It is getting to be not as much fun, and with all of the travel hassles with testing both directions, filling out form after form, its enough.

What is/was your last straw in deciding to not go to Hedo anymore?

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Re: Last Straw #146295 Oct 6th a 09:18 PM
by Bookie13
We need to segment this discussion into 2 parts.
First: Hedo belongs to the owners, not the customers. The owners will (and should) cater to those that will give the club the best chance of surviving. That target customer has changed and many of us are no longer in the target group.
Second: the target group (as I see it) is younger and more party oriented as opposed to our group which was more "fun" oriented(even when we were young). We did stupid and infantile things and had a blast doing it. Talking is not in the current groups zone. Dancing and yelling is.
Third: the current management is making hard business decisions. That is why scuba is gone(almost). That is why many of the staff was let go. Those decisions made weighing the cost versus the benefits (and loss). Management is more than willing to lose me when it feels it can pick up 3 new customers in my place.

We were last there just before Covid hit. That was our last trip. We found the pool to be controlled by the loudest group. That is fine if that is what you want.

And just to piss off many of the regulars:

Hedo is not and never was home. You live there 1-2 weeks a year. It was a fun place to go, but not home. If you consider it home, you have a pretty poor home life.

I have seen many times on this board "I love Jamaica". That is said by people who have no idea what Jamaica is like. I have been to at least a dozen other Caribbean islands and just about every one of them is more desirable than Jamaica. The only thing in Jamaica that drew us was Hedo. To those who "love" Jamaica, just go and spend three days each in Mobay and Kingston. When you finish, post your love here on this board.

Well, I guess I have pissed everyone off enough.
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Re: Last Straw #146537 Dec 12th a 04:20 AM
by cowgirl
[quote=Chicago Jake]IMHO, Hedo lost its way when they banned smoking indoors, but kept the slogan "Be wicked for a week."

How wicked can you be when you have to step outside to light up a smoke?

HEDO didn’t BAN smoking. JAMAICA did. ALL hotels were told NO SMOKING indoors, and HEDO had to comply or pay fines.
The fact that you blame Hedo for this is really weird.
Also, how does smoking have anything to do with being “WICKED”?
And for us NON-smokers, HEDO is much more fun since Jamaica banned smoking indoors.
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Re: Last Straw #146294 Oct 6th a 03:24 PM
by HedoAntique
Trying to accept that one's Hedo days are probably over is very painful. The pandemic, I hate to say, eases that decision just a little bit. After 38 or so trips one would think that a person has had his fill of anywhere but, this doesn't apply to this very special place. I've never left without crying a little bit but could never understand why. We first went when it was Negril Beach Village, saw the upturn and then the downturn with Super Clubs and then saw the magic that Harry brought. Times and people change but I hope there'll always be a "Hedo." We'd love to go just one more time.
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Re: Last Straw #146304 Oct 7th a 04:03 PM
by Chris_in_NC
Re: the "love Jamaica" rant.... We've been to a handful of other Caribbean destinations, and Jamaica has been our favorite by a wide margin. Reason being that (from our experience at least), the Jamaican people are genuinely friendly, laid-back, and welcoming. A couple of examples:

On our 1st trip (to the now-defunct Enchanted Garden resort in Ochi), we went to Shaw Park Gardens, then walked a couple of miles back to our hotel on small roads thru the woods. It started to sprinkle. We passed a (very) modest little house. The couple sitting on the porch called to us, asking if we'd like to get out of the rain. We thanked them, but were fine with the liquid sunshine, and appreciated the offer.

On many of our trips to various resorts on Negril's West End, we chatted with the local hustlers, dealers, and merchants. With almost no exception, they were delightful to talk with - even though it was clear that we weren't buying anything. And in one of the few cases when a hustler was pestering us, a local lady yelled at the sketchy young lady hustler (for several minutes), and chased her off.

The contrast between Jamaica & Mexico was particularly stark IMO. In Mexico, when you tell a merchant or huslter 'no thanks', they may mutter a gringo slur. In Jamaica, the response was almost always something like "No problem mon... I'll be here if you change your mind".

So, though the "home" moniker is a bit smarmy, we've definitely felt genuinely welcomed in Jamaica.

One other final comment... The thing we've been most bothered by over the years has been the firing of some of the excellent staff. This really pissed us off when Kevin took over, and continues to more recently. All the other gripes are pretty minor for me. (Though indeed, the free scuba was a major draw. With that gone, the financial equation changes a fair bit, and perhaps we'll set our sights back on the many other boutique-y resorts on the cliffs.) smile
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Re: Last Straw #146326 Oct 16th a 08:33 PM
by R&N
We've only been "Home" 36 times so maybe we still have some things to learn. Yes, the "resort" has gone through many changes both to the physical plant and the "feeling" from seeing some of our beloved staff depart.
But when I step back and let reality take hold, I do have to admit the truth is that you can't "go home" again. This phrase isn't just about H2. At 76 I have done many things, traveled to many countries, met some amazing people, and have many wonderful memories.

Occasionally I get sad that just as we miss good friends who are no longer with us, we can't re-live some of what I remember as wonderful times, then reality kicks in and I realize that life moves on. While I occasionally think it would be nice to race down the water slide or party till 2 AM or have Scumba and Delroy make me another Dirty Banana for my breakfast. It's also true that I can't enjoy Venice beach in Calif or drive my race car to another win. That's life. Time moves on. We went "home" in Feb 2020 just before things went crazy. This year we did some extra planning and decided that despite the actions of some we wanted to return. We masked up in our car at the airport parking and didn't take them off till in our room at H2. We already have reservations for Feb 2022 and will take similar precautions because too many are still behaving poorly. What we expect to do is to lay on the beach and drink a bit too much. While we are not up for partying till 2 we will reminisce about the good times we have had and the great friends we have made over the years. It's called life.
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Re: Last Straw #146298 Oct 6th a 09:37 PM
by chris santilli
chris santilli
Originally Posted by Parracky Parrot
I guess the question then might be, where in the world is the next potential Hedo? This can't be the only spot. . .

I've never found anywhere else like Hedo's ambiance from the 1990s. Now Hedo is more like an English-speaking Desire on steroids with some single people thrown in, IMO.
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Re: Last Straw #146535 Dec 11th a 08:35 PM
by Just plain Chad
Just plain Chad
I've been there 5 times, the first trip in 2001. Yes, things have changed, but could it also be that WE see it differently as we age? When I first went I was 29, now I'm 49. I play less volleyball, and chill out more. I don't shoot hoops now, and drink in the pool instead. Just something to think about...
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Re: Last Straw #146293 Oct 6th a 01:20 PM
by LyleM
My decision whether or not to visit Hedo is driven purely by my own assessment of the travel risk due to COVID, both for the airline travel I'd need to complete and the conditions in Jamaica and Hedo. I'm really not bothered by the things people are reporting that are happening at Hedo regarding groups, etc. and I AM grateful Harry and his team are putting forth the effort and funding to keep the place operating as best it can in these challenging conditions.
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Re: Last Straw #146291 Oct 6th a 01:09 PM
by CharlieV.
We are fortunate that this becomes a personal decision and not one made for us - e.g. the place is bought by Marriott and turned into a family resort. We should all be very thankful that we are where we are - and thank Harry while you're at it.

Now, in making decisions that I know can be more emotional than not, I personally put aside my typical Aquarian "gut decision" approach and get out paper and pen and build a + / -- table listing in the two columns the things I like and those I don't. I then look at the things I don't like and figure out which I can change and which I can't. I then get some folks who normally agree with me and those who don't to look at it and critique it. For me, these types of decisions are worth the effort.

If you come down this winter, you'll know where I'll be. Say "hi".
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Re: Last Straw #146300 Oct 7th a 02:22 AM
by Hedo-regular
To those who "love" Jamaica, just go and spend three days each in Mobay and Kingston. When you finish, post your love here on this board.


I've been to those places. I've spent way more than 3 nights in Mobay. In Kingston, I think it was 2 nights, with the 3rd up in the hills overlooking Kingston.
I've also spent nights in Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Treasure Beach, and Mandeville.
In addition, I've driven around the whole island of Jamaica during various trips.

And yes, I love Jamaica.

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Re: Last Straw #146327 Oct 17th a 03:42 AM
by Chris_in_NC
Very nicely said - well done. It's true... our days of closing down the disco at 5am are in the rear view mirror. But we still enjoy going to relax, enjoy the crazy vibe, and chat with the (now rather few) remaining staff from the past 10+ years. We're looking forward to going back when the pandemic issues have subsided. smile
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Re: Last Straw #146346 Oct 25th a 05:59 PM
by ImNotMike
A few personal thoughts on this....

Any resort or destination has its life expectancy. Hedo has vastly outlived any other brand's staying power. This is because it offers a unique experience that is totally different from anywhere else in the world. Having said that, things change. What sells today becomes boring tomorrow. Brands revitalize and refresh with different focus' continuously. Bars change every 18 months to 3 years to keep the draw fresh.

Todays LS revelers have evolved from the key in the fish bowl parties, so has the whole LS experience. Hedo has to change to remain relevant as well and it has done just that. I have friends that dive and do take advantage of this every time they come down, however, if the dive boat holds 10 or 12 people, that is less than 10% of the total resort on any given day. Its a huge cost to undertake to cater to a few. Business's do not thrive on catering to 10% of their clientele, they thrive because they keep 90% of the group happy and returning.

I have also always said that the people at the resort are not your family. They are great workers and do a fantastic job at making everyone feel comfortable, but they are not family. Next week they will be referring the next occupant of your room "Brother" as well. Its a great self marketing job that results in great tips and other items that far exceed the wages on the island.

We will keep on going to Hedo until we no longer feel comfortable there or stop having a good time. Sometimes it takes finding a good group that you feel travelling with and suits your level of energy. Other times, we have to realize that maybe, just maybe we cant keep up to the newcomers anymore and move on..... LOL
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Re: Last Straw #146529 Dec 8th a 05:07 PM
by Bunz z
Bunz z
My breaking point is when my Hedo 'family' stops going I will stop going.
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Re: Last Straw #146309 Oct 7th a 06:43 PM
by LyleM
Historical observation................

It seems to me in the 38 years I've been visiting Jamaica, that the Jamaicans and Jamaica tourism organizations promoted Jamaica as our home away from home and often greeted us with "Welcome Home", often even at the airport, so many people are likely conditioned by that idea.

Other's may remember it differently, but that's how I remember it.
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Re: Last Straw #146312 Oct 8th a 02:18 AM
by Chris_in_NC
Having dove and snorkeled many times at H2, I don't remember any time that divers overtly muscled out folks on the snorkel boat in my 40+ trips. A few divers now and then... yes. Enough to displace half the boat... no. More often the snorkel boat and dive boat both went out 3/4 full.
And sadly... I'd bet that the reduction in free diving will have a serious impact on the snorkel crowds.
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Re: Last Straw #146663 Jan 18th a 03:32 PM
by Risu
Today on a 7 degree day, I'd gladly take that 3 1/2 hour trip from the airport to Hedo and stand in any line for an hour. It's all a function of latitude I guess.
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Re: Last Straw #146665 Jan 19th a 06:54 PM
by Toohorny
A couple thoughts…
We are supposed to be at hedo right now, bags packed and ready to fly out…took our covid test and one of us was positive. We both had covid in the fall of 2020 and had the vac and booster, we were not worried (side note very minor symptoms a couple days after test). We were not offered a refund from hedo or the airlines, but hedo did move our trip dates and the airlines gave us credit so we were happy. Added bonus, our flight to Jamacia was canceled and then the east coast storm came in and all flights canceled for the following 2 days. Plus we are. Supposed to get hit with an ice storm on our rerun date so we may have been stuck. If we would have went then test pos to come home we would have been sent to the quarantine zone. So we are happy this trip did not work out.
As for workers all over Jamacia, people get sick, scared to go to work etc. Staffing shortages are all over the place. Even in the USA how many businesses do you see with now hiring signs…a lot.
The poster that complained of traffic, besides avoiding rush hour, not much you can do about that, we have had some long rides as well, not as bad as yours.
Before covid, yes I would get pissed if service was not up to expectations, but now we just go with the flow and try to live life to the fullest. Once this is over I will start bitching again.
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Re: Last Straw #146670 Jan 20th a 03:30 AM
by R&N
Originally Posted by cowgirl
“and poor staffing at airports (long delays)”

This was so true on our Dec trip. We got dropped at the airport at 1:30 for our flight that left at 4:50. It took us an hour to get to Southwest counter and get checked in. It was insane. Luckily we had Club Mobay departure service. So we were able to bypass the HUGE line of people waiting to go thru security. This was my 10th trip thru that airport and I have never seen the airport so jammed and had the lines moving so slowly. I honestly don’t know if we would have made our flight without Club Mobay.
I know it was Dec. 31st so that meant more people flying. But there seemed to be almost no one behind the counters at Southwest. Not sure if it was COVID related or what. This was our first time to try Club Mobay and I am so glad we did. We were able to sit from 3-4pm and eat, plus took snacks with us to eat on the plane. We dashed to our gate at 4pm to board. Made it on to the plane and then was told that peoples luggage was not on the plane yet and that would have to sit for awhile. Not sure why, I guess more missing employees. We were so glad to finally take off and head home. Not sure when we will go to Jamaica again, but I KNOW we will NOT travel to Jamaica Dec 24th to Dec 31st ever again. Not only was the airport insane, but travel on the roads was terrible. Took us 3 and a half hours to get to Hedo from the airport and about 2 and a half hours to get back to the airport on the way home.

Ya, you need to consider day of the week and Holidays when planning travel if you want to minimise delays.
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