Originally got tests 3/16 under the 10 day requirement Got results from Rite-Aid in 20 hours. The second place didn't have results for 5 days and they could not confirm CLIA Certification for the Lab so that was essential of no value.
Travel 3/25 so first test day 3/22 under the new rules
Got Both Rite-Aid and Walgreens tests
and found a 1 day test location 50 miles away and only $760 for the two of us as back-up if we didn't get results from the 3/22 tests

Got Both Rite-Aid and Walgreens both came through with Negative results and Lab Certification in 22 and 30 hours
so was able to cancel the expensive appointment scheduled this afternoon.
Will be on the beach, we hope, by 3PM 3/25. Would someone make sure there is still Red Stripe available? :-) I need more than one.