For anyone who hasnít tried this place yet, Iíd recommend a little walk down the beach to Boardwalk. Itís just past Sandals and thereís a nice little beachfront bar and grill with some good old Bob Marley and other similar vintage music playing.

I just returned from a week at Hedo and decided to try this place for lunch a couple times during the week. Itís clean, the food is good, the service is very good, and I thought there were some pretty good items on the menu. Grilled lobster was $24 US and there was a nice curried lobster for $25 US. There was also a selection of other items to choose from ranging from salads and burgers, to grilled T-bone steak, and very cold Red Stripe for $3 US.

Anyway, itís a nice easy and relatively short walk down the beach and I thought the place was a really nice option if you feel like going off-campus but donít feel like getting a taxi to take you someplace and donít feel like hiking all the way down to Cosmoís or Margaritaville.

Of course other people may different opinions of the place, but I really liked it and thought Iíd mention it in case others havenít tried it.