We just returned from a Easter Weekend in Key West, and stayed at the Atlantic Shores Hotel. The hotel features a clothing optional pool and is located on the south end of the island; maybe 1/8 of a mile from the “90 Miles to Cuba” sign. We enjoyed our stay there and wanted to alert everyone that it is one of the few places left to “take it all off” in Key West. The rooms are modest and comfortable. The resort is decorated to reflect the “Art Deco” Florida theme. The resort offers a package store, a restaurant, and a very fun pool and bar. This is NOT an all inclusive resort.

The pool and bar is located on the water, and a huge wall surrounds the area for privacy purposes. A sign at the entrance states you must be 18 to enter the pool. You do not have to stay at the hotel to use the pool, but they may charge you $3.00 for a chair. There is a bar and outside drinks are prohibited from being brought in. During the last hurricane, the storm took away their pier, and they plan to rebuild it. During our visit, about 50 people were hanging out around the pool. Some were totally naked, some half, and others were in their swim suits. About 70-80% were naked. The music was pumping and happening – awesome up-beat music kind of dance/techno/rave kind of thing (I believe it was Satellite Radio). Atlantic Shores is Gay-Friendly, so if this bothers you, don’t go. For us, we would care less and found some of the gay visitors to be hilarious and the life of the party. About half were Gay and half were Straight couples like ourselves. There is no hot tub there, and not many places to find shade around the pool. The pool is sparkling and very clean. We find the Key West sun to be quite intense, so use that protection. The bar sits away from the pool and is elevated. The bar patrons seated around the pool must wear clothing/towels, so when you want a drink, best to bring a towel to wrap around you. The bar is about a 50 foot walk from the pool. You have to walk up a ramp to get to the bar. The people around the pool were lively and friendly. It was funny to see the tourists come out to check all us “NUDE” sunbathers out, as this place is one of the few places left to sunbath nude. As you know, “Deja Vu” was closed down about 3 years ago, so the “Shores” is about it for letting it all hang loose in Key West. There is touching at the Atlantic Shores pool area, but no PDA’s like you experience/witness at Hedo. We did witness back in the 90’s some private encounters inside the pool, but not this time. We witnessed one lady gave a gentleman a total body massage with her breasts, which was quite "titillating". We had a fun time at the “Shores”, but were saddened to hear that the hotel will be sold for million dollar condo units in about 3 years. It is disappointing to see so many seaside communities in Florida becoming a monolithic flavorless condo complexes. Atlantic Shores has charm and is open for all to enjoy. It’s the old argument of property rights vs. preservation (keeping the flavor and historical ambiance of the island as it was and maybe should continue to be).

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While in Key West, check out Florida’s only Clothing Optional Bar. It is called “The Garden of Eden” and sits upstairs from the “Bull and Whistle” Bar on Duval Street. We did not make it up there, but it may be worth checking into.

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Also, pamphlets were available at Atlantic Shores Pool for a clothing optional cruise off Key West called “Skinny Dipper Cruises”. They offer Daily Charters and Sunset Cruises in the nude. We hope to do this next time.

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