Having visited 3 out of the 4 Breathless resorts, I would say they are very good for singles.

They have a lot of energy, and a good vibe going. There is a lot of music, mainly disco type (thumpa-thumpa) but no rap. They have live DJ's at some of the pools and sometimes other places. One had a DJ at breakfast.

I saw lots of singles at these resorts. Many were groups of girls having a Bachelorette party.

They allow topless at one pool, but I saw signs (at the Riviera Maya Breathless) that said no topless inside the pool. This seemed very strange, so I asked what the reason was for that rule. They said there had been a foam party in the pool, and there was inappropriate touching going on, generating complaints. So they made this [over-kill] rule. I saw no reference to topless at the main pool in Montego Bay, but the rooftop pool there did not allow topless.

I have not been to the one in Cabo San Lucas (yet). The one in Montego Bay is the smallest, and had the least amount of energy, and restaurants. They tried to make up for the latter by allowing guests to use all the restaurants at the 2 Secrets resorts across the street. It also didn't have ocean access, except through the Secrets resorts.

The one in Punta Cana had a casino and a Lebanese (!) restaurant.

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