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We were considering filing a lawsuit against a Mexican resort. I called and asked my long time lawyer and friend. His reply was "LOL,LOL, no need to come in for a consultation on that one, forget it". I can assume Jamaica would be just as bad, or evem worse.

By itself this information is not very helpful. If the reason for your suit could be considered frivolous your friend and lawyer's laughter would make sense. If it has some solid foundation maybe your lawyer is too busy, if not you need a new lawyer.

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There have been reports in the news about resorts and hotels suing people for posting a bad review to places like Trip Advisor. It is part of the fine print in the reservations. Has any one checked into this for Hedo?

Just because it says it, is meaningless, It's a tactic used to dissuade people fromn suing, which I'm sure it does. If you leave you coat at an attended cloak room and a club, let's say, the sign says not liable but if your coat comes up missing, you better believe they are liable. Also, as long as it is the truth, as Chris basically said, you've not a problem.

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