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Two things I noticed.
1) There has been a run of 5 star reviews (some noting how perfect everything is at Hedo...)

Friends got back from Hedo last week and indicated that room and other problems still existed frustrating some guests. They said they had a decent trip themselves, but other guests that they spent time with had the typical room problems and runarounds involving the Front Desk, Maintenance, etc.

These same friends were encouraged by a Hedo employee to write a positive trip report for Tripadvisor.com. They decided not to write a review because it would not have been fully positive and they felt pressured to write one emphasizing just the positive attributes of their stay. Perhaps there have been other recent guests with similar experiences and views feeling it's best to just not write a review on anything but a "perfect" trip?

Roy, give it time. A combination of positive and negative reviews will again be finding their way back on to the Tripadvisor.com website.

I would think any smart businessman is going to encourage their customers to give positive reviews of their experience in an effort to improve business. Is there anyone that has too much business? That your friends declined to provide feedback in the form of a review (positive or negative or a mixture of both) because they "felt pressured" is, IMHO, ridiculous and a disservice to the traveling public. Did they think Hedo staff would hunt them down? (rhetorical question)

The "runarounds" that we are constantly reminded of on this and other forums, while not excusing them if they are true, may just be a result of a different business and/or social climate.

The Jamaican WaterSlide Team will begin it's 15th Anniversary trip to Hedo in just under a month now (9/6-9/13 & FREE membership is still open for those last minute travelers). Shortly after our return we will, as always, post a trip report for your review.

I know I don't have anywhere near the number of posts as others on Denny's board which apparently leads some to believe that they are less valid. That brings me to my final observation/question for those, one in particular, that post often ... when was YOUR last trip to Hedo?

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