Two things I noticed.
1) There has been a run of 5 star reviews (some noting how perfect everything is at Hedo), many of them are from reviewers who have one review ever on Trip Advisor. While I will not, and would not,presume any of these to be the notorious 'fake' reviews that turn up on TA at times I will say that if they had been poor reviews someone would presume they were fake. Hopefully they are all real and everything is perfect! Good news is always welcome!

2) Is this a typo? In a response to a review Hedo management posted this,

"We recently completed over 5 million renovations to rooms and our piano bar and are currently undergoing construction to our spanking courtyard to be equipped with free Wi-Fi access, which you should experience in your next trip."

If it's not a typo, what is a 'spanking courtyard' (or do I dare ask?)