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OK, I'll add my own 2 cents worth:
If you are tired or burned out from a previous engagement, Hedo is a good place to chill out for a few days to recover - no one will get in your face if you want to be alone. When the mood hits, you can jump into any of the groups and start to party at your own pace. Single women pretty much call the shots around Hedo.

If you stay somewhere else Sand Gravity might kick in and you will just vegetate for the week - I suspect that is not your goal.
Also, if you are traveling alone get a quote for the Single Person room rate. Hedo is one of the few places that will give a discount if there is only one booked into the room.

Don't know where you heard that singles get a discount rate. I've been going to Hedo for 35 years, always as a solo, and there's an upcharge of 120% or 150% to the per person rate for single occupancy, depending upon the season or promotion being offered. The only way I guess you could call it a discount, is if you were basing that upon the dual occupancy per person rate for both people.

I think what PP was saying is that most hotels charge the same amount for a room whether there are one or two people in it. But one person alone pays less than a couple would at Hedo. You guys are both saying the same thing, but in different ways.