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May 19, 2021                            DennyP Travel


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Hedonism II
Resort Cancellation Waiver Offer Expires
May 31,2020

There is additional information on the announcement I sent last week concerning the expiration of the resort's cancellation waiver offering.

The cancelation waiver policy normally requires you to rebook your canceled trip to take place within 12-months of the canceled trip. Those that were booked to travel in 2020, are able to rebook to travel through Dec 20, 2021. For those that can't travel by Dec 20, 2021 (or within 12-months of their 2021 travel dates), the resort provided an alternative. That alternative is too complex to include here. All of my clients with held funds that have not yet rebooked should have received a email from me on 5/19 outlining their options. If you didn't, please email me ASAP as your options become limited on 5/31. For those not my clients, contact your original booking entity.

Please understand that anyone who has a booked trip and has purchased the cancellation policy on it - you are covered under the original terms. The same is true for new bookings made through May 31, 2021 that include the waiver purchase.

(The resort has really made this messy!)

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