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January 16, 2021                            DennyP Travel


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  • Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States. Details HERE.
  • Several popular DennyP Travel resorts will be offering complimentary COVID-19 testing on-site. Check the links below for more information.

      ◊ Hedonism II
      ◊ Desire Riviera Maya & Desire Pearl
      ◊ Temptation
      ◊ Grand Lido Negril/Royalton
      ◊ Hidden Beach


New information in this newsletter will be highlighted as such.


Hedonism II

  • Use the Request Quote button above to request your quote.
  • Jamaica will have in-hotel COVID-19 testing available. See details here.
  • If you previously canceled a Hedonism II trip in 2020 with the intention of rebooking it in 2021, be aware that a lot of 2021 dates are filling up with people rebooking 2020 trips in addition to those that had already booked for 2021. When requesting your quote, please mention in the comments that you have funds held from a cancelled reservation if that applies to you.
  • I have Wet, Wild and Wicked group trips scheduled for June 5-12 and Dec 4-11 in 2021. Use the Request Quote form to request your quote. Information about the group and about our past trip activities can be found here.
  • Rates for 2022 should be available later February or March. Their availability will be announced in this newsletter, my web site message board, and other places on my web site.
  • You can find a lot of Hedonism II resort information on my web site.
  • Current trip reports have been posted. If you've visited recently, please consider emailing me a trip report for posting. Lots of people are interested in current experiences.
  • Hedonism II has a new General Manager - Mr. Dermot De Loughry - and a new Resort Manager - Ms. Camille Seaton. See their biography information via links on my Hedonism II main resort page.
  • Hedonism II is now requiring ALL guests to have a negative COVID-19 test when checking in. This does apply to Jamaica residents.
  • If you didn't get a chance to fill out a comment form at the resort, you can fill out an online form on the DennyP Travel Hedonism II main resort page. Your feedback and comments will be sent directly to resort management.

Grand Lido Negril

  • Use the Request Quote button above to request your quote.
  • GLN has a major sale going on now for a limited time. It includes a $600 resort credit for incidentals.
  • GLN reservations include complimentary Club MoBay VIP arrival & departure service.
  • The GLN room building was closed for a while in 2020, but the building and all facilities are open now.

Desire Riviera Maya - Desire Pearl - Temptation

  • Use the Request Quote button above to request your quote.
  • Sales of up to a 50% discount are available for 2021.


  • I can book you (and your family) into many resorts around the world. If you have a location and timeframe, fill out a quote request and I will be happy to do some research and offer suggestions.


  • Get information on the Bliss clothing optional couples cruises and book your cabin directly from the DennyP Travel Bliss cruise page.
  • Bliss April 2121 sailing - canceled.
  • Information and a booking link for the Temptation February 2022 topless, singles, and couples cruise can be found on the DennyP Travel cruise page. Deposits fully refundable until February 8, 2021.


  • Jamaica will have in-hotel COVID-19 testing available. See details here.
  • Travel policies and procedures for airlines, countries and resorts are changing constantly. What is happening today may be different tomorrow. I created a web page which I update on an ongoing basis that contains current travel related COVID-19 information. You can access that page from a link at the top of my DennyP Travel home page in the green box, or jump to it directly.
  • Canada has recently implemented new requirements for their citizens returning from international destinations.
  • The Jamaica Travel Authorization page has all the requirements for access into Jamaica including COVID-19 testing information. All Jamaica visitors need to read this page.


  • COVID-19 information on various countries is posted on the DennyP Travel COVID-19 Travel Information page.
  • As of the publishing date of this newsletter, there is no further news on the proposed Jamaica insurance program - "Jamaica Cares".


  • Trip reports on many resorts are available here. Please consider emailing me your report to share with others.
  • Find out What's New on the DennyP Travel web site.
  • Looking for something on the DennyP Travel web site, but can't remember where it is? Use this customized Search page.

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