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JUNE 13, 2020
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Resort, Country, Region and Airline COVID-19 News

I created a web page that consolidates a lot of the current news since the reopening of travel following the COVID-19 border closures. You can find that page from a link at the top of my home page or jump to it directly here.

Hedonism II News & Miscellaneous Information

  • Hedonism II will be reopened for guests on July 1. See the Hedonism II resort main page on my site for COVID-19 protocols and information.
  • All arriving guests into Jamaica must complete a Travel Authorization form within 72-hours before checking in for their flight. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BOARD WITHOUT HAVING COMPLETED THE FORM.
  • A list of all the groups I can book at this time can be found here. (Additional groups are being added all the time.)
  • Several seasonal sales are available. But their expiration dates are approaching. See details here.
  • Information on the new guest repeater award programs can be viewed here.
  • I have discounted rates for Canadian and European passport holders. Indicate if either of these apply to you by noting that in the comment area of your quote request form.
  • There is lots of general Hedonism II resort information located here.
  • Trip reports for Hedonism II and other resorts are requested for posting. Both novice and veteran travelers appreciate and enjoy reading them. Simply email them to me.
  • The message board on contains a lot of useful information for many resorts and other topics. You do NOT need to register just to read the postings. Access the message board here.

Trip Reports

Trip reports from guests traveling after the reopening of travel following the COVID-19 closings would be very much appreciated by everyone.

Trip reports for many resorts are available
here. Please consider submitting a trip report of your own. Your experiences will be of interest to others - especially to first timers. Feel free to submit reports for properties not currently listed. I am happy to add additional ones. This trip report repository has been very useful for many people, but it needs more current reports.

Please email me any reports and pictures for posting. Any guest visible in pictures must give me written permission to post them. The files can be Word, txt files or just incorporate the report into the body of your email. I can make most image formats work. First name(s) and an email address are required to be posted. Your approximate travel dates would be appreciated.

Thank you for submitting them.

Bliss Cruises

Get information and book your Bliss clothing optional cruises for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Couples only. A summer 2022 European/Mediterranean cruise has been added.

Cruise Info & Booking

Jamaica Family Destination

Looking for a family destination in Jamaica suitable for kids of all ages? Check out the FDR Resort. Information can be found here.

Their services range from child care, to the level where kids rule. They participate in many exciting activities daily, especially at their own Yellow Bird Kids Club, that also offers tremendous child care facilities.

Desire Pearl

All June reservations will be moved to Desire Riviera Maya.

Desire Riviera Maya


Hidden Beach

Sale dates for the above resorts can be found here. Click on the Resorts tab at for more resort information. Use the Request Quote tab above.

Grand Lido Negril Sale

Grand Lido Negril will reopen on July 15. There are sale rates available. Use the Quote Request button above to request a quote.

Hedonism II: Upcoming Wet, Wild & Wicked Trips

The next Wet, Wild & Wicked (WWW) group trips to Hedonism II will be:

December 5-12, 2020, February 6-13, 2021, June 5-12, 2020. Request your quote now for any trip(s). If you will be at the resort during these weeks (or any part of those weeks), you can register for the group regardless of who you booked through. There is no cost or obligation to join. 

Check out our past WWW trips and related group information using the button below. Use that same button to register for either of the above trips. Registration for the December 2020 trip is open now.

WWW Information & Registration
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Room Availability Getting Scarce

Rooms at Hedonism II and both Desire resorts are starting to get scarce for many 2020 dates and some 2021 dates - especially for the cheaper rooms. Guests have been rescheduling their cancelled COVID-19 affected trips. If you are going to plan a stay in 2020 or early 2021, don't put off requesting your quote now. If you snooze, you'll loose. Check with me if the resort shows sold out for your dates. I have access to rooms for over 50 groups throughout the year and might be able to get you a room. See the list of groups I can book here.

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What's New On

See what's recently changed or been added to the web site.

What's New


Visitor Schedule

Post your trip dates or check for other visitors.



Looking for something on the web site? Or maybe you saw something once and can't remember where you saw it.


Other Resort

I can book you (and your family) to many resorts around the world. To check out my rates, please use the button to submit a quote request. If you have a location and need suggestions, let me know. I'll see what I can find.

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Skyroam Information and Ordering
Info & Purchase

Secured Wi-Fi Connection From Over 120 Countries

Need to have Wi-Fi available while traveling in over 120 countries? Rent or purchase a Skyroam unit using the button below and save. Get up to 4G speed and a secure internet connection available 24/7. Click the button below for more information. Or use the ordering code DENNYP on the Skyroam web site. Either way, you will save on every order. It worked flawlessly on my last Hedonism II trip when the resort Wi-Fi was not working reliably. The unit also doubles as a USB recharging device for your smartphone & tablets.

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