Grand Lido Negril - Canadian Guest Experience With Resort Covid-19 Testing

Friday morning around 10 am at the GLN nurses station, we read the 2 typed pages information pages posted on the wall beside the nurse's testing station prior to  our PCR tests which stated we could expect our results to be emailed in  24 hours. Rapid tests results for Americans would be sent by 8 pm on the Day of the test and would also be available via email. When John and I had NOT received an email with our PCR results by mid afternoon Saturday we started to panic and immediately consulted our otherwise VERY helpful butlers. We explained our concerns and were reassured that sometimes test results were emailed to guests " in the middle of the night " and everything would be fine. Thankfully I remembered the next morning at 8:15 am  (9:30 departure) that Hedonism guests had been provided with PRINTED COPIES of their Covid test results at the Hedo front desk and any concerns about missing Covid result emails could be address by the front desk as they would contact the nurse directly. As there was no staff at the Grand Lido font desk until after 8 am and our luggage cart was due to arrive at 9 am . 8:15 am I left the empty GLN lobby and walked over to the Royalton lobby front desk to explain our dilemma. At this point I pictured cancelling our transportation due to arrive at 930, cancel our flight and try to book another night at GLN/ Royalton/ Hideaway. A very kind and efficient Royalton  front desk young lady told me the nurse could be contacted anytime via her cell phone. I had thought no nurse could be contacted until 9 am when the nurse's station ( near the Royalton main stage) opened regarding Covid testing results. She contacted the nurse immediately at 8:25 am and arranged to have our negative PCR test results sent over and printed out for me within minutes. When we returned to the GLN lobby we were given a hard copy of our test results as well. The nurse thanked the Royalton front desk young lady for explaining the situation fully because she initially planned based on our room number, to send our test results to the Diamond Club front desk ( no idea where that was). Quick thinking by the Royalton front desk lady giving the nurse her Royalton email address saved the day !!!

Alma and John
December 2 to December 16, 2021 Hedo
December 16 to December 26, 2021 GLN