Blaik & Sue - October, 2008

Temptations Resort Cancun


By Sue “Sex with Sue” , and Blaik , Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapists

Authors of The Ethical Hedonist


Cancun is sometimes called “Disney Mexico”. Cancun isn’t siesta, and tortillas, and shy dark-eyed Mexican children, this is a narrow strip of land thrust out into the Caribbean, on the side of the Yucatan peninsula that is home to hundreds of hotels, restaurants, night clubs and designer stores.  This is where the fish-belly white northerners and Europeans come for a week or two of sun, sand and debauchery in the all-inclusive resorts. Temptations Resort is at the far end of the zone hotelera through the downtown core that houses the infamous landmark bars such as Margaritaville, Coco Bongos and Senor Frog’s.


Temptations has been recently re-named from Blue Bay over the last few months. Wedged between two marinas, on a narrow beach, Temptations doesn’t have the coastline of some other Cancun resorts, but is still well worth looking at as a resort destination for singles, groups of friends, and more outgoing honeymooners. Like its name, Temptations is the riskier, saucier version of the larger, more family resorts along the strip. It’s a flirty place, but it maintains a sense of decorum in a fun way. Temptations big appeal is that it is adult-only. This means, no babies crying at 7 am, no unsupervised kids splashing you in the pool, and no reason not to keep the games (both day and evening) ever-so-slightly naughty.


Temptations is known for it’s raucous activity staff, who are always looking to engage guests in fun and energetic beach and pool parties. Typical events such as beach volleyball, water polo, salsa dancing lessons were popular, along with water balloon fights, and sensuous fitness, where women learn the basics of pole, chair and lap dancing. They have a game of tequila pool volleyball – where whomever flubs the ball takes a swig right out of the bottle. The Friday game we saw had everyone hang their bathing suits on the net and left the entire pool filled with naked bodies. Finally, evening entertainment includes live bands, lingerie shows, sexy Latin dancing, and body shots before the bus takes guests still raring to go up the road to Coco Bongo’s for more late night revelry.  The activities are only slightly risqué but stop before that invisible comfort line is crossed, and could be easily avoided if that isn’t your thing. Everyone has a choice as to whether they participate.


Not to be confused with their sister resort 40 minutes away, (also owned by Original Resorts, the legendary Desire -see Temptations isn’t Hedonism Mexico. It has toned down since it has had the renovations and re-invention into Temptations from its previous identity as Blue Bay, and is far more flirty than previously overtly sexual. There used to be much more late night beach sex and sexual games, and lifestylers looking for more will be quite disappointed. Temptations have watered down the sexual nature of the resort, and it has certainly changed from years gone by. Temptations is perfect for a first foray into “adult-only”, or a holiday where you want to gaze into each others eyes and know that kissing on the beach will be indulged, not frowned upon. Serious nudists or swingers will find Temptations much too tame sexually. The average age was about 21-30 but doesn’t have the “spring-break” feel of all night parties – it is more upscale than that. You can have that kind of “into each other” vacation, but the whole resort has an underlying party feel to it. Most of the guests go out clubbing at night, and if you want to avoid the loud noise upon their return ask for a room off the beaten path.


There is no full nudity allowed, and you are only allowed to be topless around the pool and on the beach.  Through the entire time we were there, we only saw a handful of women enjoying the freedom of removing their tops. They have you sign a waiver at check-in that underlines that overt sexual behavior in public is prohibited and the resort will have you kicked out if caught.  There may be lots of sex going on- many of the guests were down as groups of single men and women, so you saw lots of hooking up happening in the martini lounge every night but it all happens behind closed doors. This is the place to go if you want to feel gently sexy, or if the thought of Hedo Jamaica’s reputation scares you to death. Temptations is the much more modest, albeit friendly and outgoing, little sister. For single women, the pickings are great. There were lots of attractive people drinking by the “swimup bar”, in one of the four pools, especially the one known as the sexy pool, but the men definitely outnumbered the women. The sexy pool has swings, four whirlpools (not to be confused with hot tubs as they were the same temperature of the rest of the pool), and a little harder drinking crowd. The sports pool is where the bulk of the games takes place and is also the “cast headquarters” or home to the activity staff who will tease you into a game of something if you’re lounging too long. The quiet pool (again with a swim up bar) is for the newly-weds wanting one on one time and is the location older guests could be found. It had the stereo-typical beach resort vacation type feel to it. In fact, we found that daytime noise in this area is virtually non-existent.


With the renovations and ambient sensuous feel, the rooms were some of the nicest we have experienced in Cancun. More upscale than the one we had at Desire and they came with “sexy mood lighting” (labeled as such), and a balcony hot tub that was separated from poolside access by a blind. You could enjoy the feeling of having sex in the Jacuzzi outside while maintaining your privacy.  The rooms displayed on their website ( were exactly as advertised.


The food was acceptable and service was outstanding. There was a good variety of choices, decent buffets, and there was lots of it. Temptations emphasize their central buffet restaurants for feeding guests in the close to 400 rooms they had filled. They also had smaller theme restaurants but we had difficulty getting into these restaurants at night (they take reservations at 10 am and they were all full for the days we wanted- they had been booked before we arrived at the resort), and compared to the glowing recommendations we made about the food at other restaurants in Cancun, (and at Desire), the food at Temptations was mediocre. The Asian restaurant had great ambiance (located right along the shoreline), but the food quality was consistently middle of the road.  If you are looking for a variety of blender drinks (ask for them made strongly, and the bartenders are happy to oblige), with fresh and beach food available day and night, then Temptations is exactly what the doctor ordered. But it isn’t a fine dining kind of resort. 


The resort was filled with lots of visitors from the UK and other parts of Europe when we were there. Many guests had been there previously and found it modestly priced and loved the fact that it was adult only. As one couple from England explained, “we had our Greek vacation ruined by out-of-control kids, and this was a chance to lie in the Caribbean for a modestly priced vacation”. The guests we spoke to felt it was great value, and would recommend it highly. The couples we spoke to paid 900 pounds sterling for a two week all inclusive vacation including air fare. We’ve seen it posted online for $550 US a week, which is a very affordable vacation, and priced well for the young couples and singles in their 20’s they seem to attract.


Based on the reviews online, lots of guests loved Temptations, and had a great holiday. Anyone who didn’t recommend it tended to come from the over 40 crowd who “had been there, done that” when it came to lots of drinking, dancing, and outgoing games. Spend the extra money to visit Desire down the road if you are looking for a more upscale, or sensuous experience. Temptations is great for young couples, and is a well priced singles holiday if you want to meet lots of people, have a holiday romance, or just have great Cancun stories to bring home about toplessness and naked co-ed water volleyball.  

Blaik & Sue