Temptation Cancun: Johnny - December, 2012

December 2012

We were really considering BGN or Hedo for our Dec trip, but honestly all of the buyout talk got us scared !! We decided to go to Temptations Resort in Cancun, Mexico. another resort called Golden Parnassus was on our list also, but we chose Temptations.


The flight from Atl to Cun was a little shorter and a little cheaper than the one MBJ. Cancun airport is much much nicer than MBJ . The Immigration personnel at Cun are really a bit nicer than those at MBJ !!They actually Xray your luggage coming to Mexico. You also have to press this green pushbutton to exit the customs area!! Strange!!


Temptatons is only a 20 minute ride from the airport and for an extra charge they will stop at Walmart. The road to Temptations is a 4 lane highway !! Much better than that going from MBJ to Negril.


The photos of Temptations are very misleading, the resort has 300+ rooms and is very large. Staff doesn't speak English very well, but they manage.


The resort is very nice !! Very!!!  Their Sexy pool is twice the size of Hedos Nude pool. Also has a swimup bar. There are two other pools. One of them (the quiet pool) also has a swimup bar.Food is very good !!! Hedo/breees has lots of open (garden) space , Temptations does not. lots of stairs.

Rooms are much nicer than either Hedo or Breezes!!!


The main party area is called Patty Os and is pretty wild !! no open sexual activity (lots of rather large, but friendly Mexican security guys around). a  bit younger crowd than Hedo , but also lots of 50-60 year olds. Also a couple of 70+ year olds. WHOA !!!


 The beach isn't that bad, its not seven mile beach or BGNs main beach, buts it pretty calm. Further south in Cancun the beaches are great, but the water can be so rough that no swimming is allowed. Lots of seaweed about 50 feet out, but thats the same as Hedo.


Absolutely no Ganja or open sexual activity allowed!!! They have signs everywhere. After noon at the sexy pool there is a lot of sexual play, but no actual sex is permitted. Same sexy games as a Hedo.


We were very impressed with Temptations !! very much so !!!

Quite often the overt sex at Hedo is just to much !!! My wife is a school teacher and gets Drug tested, so really we decided " you aint going to change Jamaica, so just go somewhere else". We stayed at Breezes last Oct and the number of Drug Dealers on the main beach had doubled since 2011. We dont mind the weed, but the Crack/coke is just plain too much.


All in all Temptations is a bit more wild than Breezes Grand, but a lot tamer than Hedo. We like it that way.


As far as crime, we never saw any !!! The Mexican police carry Uzis and ride around in these GMC 4WD pickups with a bikini top!!! Americans and Canadians DONT LIKE THAT !!! You can actually rent a car at Cancun. Biggest problem is being pulled over by a Mexican Policeman wanting a bribe , but you can actually drive there !!! Try that in Jamaica!!!


We will be back !!