Temptation Cancun: Johnny - April 2014

Just  returned from our yearly visit to Temptation and had another GREAT time. Food was really good, if you like shrimp, then TTR is the place for you. Grilled, Chilled, Fried and baked !!! The food was very good overall.


 Temptation has a great sexy vibe that doesn't depend on PDAs. No Sex and definetly no Drugs of ANY TYPE. You get one warning for pubic sex, but none for Ganja. (we witnessed that)


 Hedo has nothing like Patty Os Lounge, maybe the Piano Bar from years ago. Goes on from 9 Pm until 5 AM. House band starts around 10:30. On Firday and Sat nites at least 200-300 people there. Lots of very attractive gals dancing in various stages of undress !!! Also quite a few Bi_Gal couples, you don't see that in Jamaica !!!


Very friendly people, you can't walk 50 ft without someone asking "where are you from".


TTR is only 15 minutes from CUN airport. There is a great sidewalk for exploring everything adjacent to TTR as well as a very cheap and safe bus system. We never went anywhere from Breezes or Hedo except by Taxi, Its really great to walk again !!!


Southwest is going to start service from Atl to Cun very soon, if the $$$ is right maybe we can go back to TTR this fall !!!!