Temptation Cancun: Johnny - April, 2013

April 2013


After a first "brief" visit to Temptations in Cancun, we decided on a longer and (hopefully) happier trip.


Spent 5 days there and we both had a BLAST !!! This is the most Partying place we have ever seen. Seriously there were folks dancing until 4-5 am every morning. Most nights there were two party type events happening. The crowd here is a bit younger than at Hedo !!! However, there were enough 50+ folks there to keep us very happy. The Sexy Pool at Temptations is 3X the size of  that at Hedo, normally around 200+ folks there at any one time. More singles (M&F) than a Hedo, but wasn't a problem.


If you enjoy watching very attractive toppless women in Thong bikinis, then this is the place for you !!!

The ECs at the sexy pool did a great job of maintaining an R-rated show, just a little nudity, but no PDAs whatsoever. I personally did not object to all of the PDAs at Hedo, but my wife most certainly did. (ok well, we aren't Hedonists).


All in all, we had a great time. Temptations is only 20 minutes from the Cancun Airport and its a nice ride. The food was very good, we love Mexican food anyway. The drinks may have been watered down, but I just ordered a double and that solved that problem.


If you like naughty, but not the  "in your face PDAs", this would be a great place for you !!!