Jason & Jackie - August, 2009

The following is a trip report for Temptation resort in Cancun Mexico:

Being former hedonism couple, my wife and I decided to stay at a resort that was a little bit calm compared to hedo II.  We decided to go to Temptation Resort therefore; we tried to get some information and feed back about this resort before we stayed here but did not find many people who were willing to give us feedback.  In hopes of helping the next person or couple decide whether to go to Temptation or not I decided to write this report. I will start with the negative aspects of this trip and will then give some positives:

Negatives include:

-          This is a time share resort and the best rooms and services only go to those who buy in to the time share.

-          The pools are closed after dark. No swimming at night.

-          Men cannot frequent the restaurants unless wearing closed toe shoes. (women can wear what they like)

-          Tipping is the only way one will get good service at any of the bars in this resort. So the notion that tips are included is wrong. In fact if the bartenders realize one is not tipping they will try to ignore you as long as possible.

-          “Premium drinks” is equal to low end well alcohol for example the best vodka that is served there is Smirnoff.

-          The pool temp is around 90 degrees. It’s very hot and would be very nice at night, but there is no swimming at night so go figure…

-           The drinks are very small (8 oz) so bring your own cup!

-          The beach is small and not very appealing.

-          Volleyball and beach sports are not allowed after 4pm on the beach.

Positives include:

-          The wait staff, inside the restaurants, was very good.

-          The food was good not great but good. (better than hedo)

-          The entertainment provided by the resort was interesting.

-          The front desk workers were helpful.

-          Security at the hotel was “on the ball”

-          Low key in comparison to Hedonism or desire.

-          The atmosphere was fun and the vacationers were really cool to hang around.

We stayed for 8 days and realized how over priced the resort and Cancun became over the last couple of years. The people in Cancun made us feel that we were just another dumb tourist with money to burn. I would suggest that you would spend the extra money and go to Desire or to not stay in this all inclusive and stay at one of the many other hotels in the city.

Sorry to be a downer but if I can help a few couples to have a good vacation, then this report was worth the time it took to write.    Jason and Jackie